BYROKKO’s Best Selling “Shine Brown” Can Get You The Perfect Tan

Looking for a perfect tan this summer?

Post-pandemic, there is no better time than now to head outdoors and get in the sun. BYROKKO can help to protect your skin and leave you with the glowing tan everyone wants.

The BYROKKO brand was built 5 years ago and came as a dream for two tanning lovers. The brand was inspired to create natural and quality products for people while being cruelty-free, vegan, and with no added chemicals or harmful formulas. BYROKKO’s products are designed to assist you in achieving that natural bronze with skin hydration and replenishment and are made in Europe.

BYROKKO’s product “Shine Brown” was created to help people tan faster with less time under the sun. Thanks to the “Shine Brown” formula, skincare benefits, and extreme tan boosting effects come together resulting in the glowing, beautiful bronze tan many are striving for.

To celebrate the brand’s 5 Year Anniversary they launched “THE ORIGINALS” bundle which includes all three versions of their famous line “Shine Brown.” The Shine Brown cream is a top seller and has sold out multiple times. The product line has had some of the highest review scores amongst cosmetic products.

Since its launch, its tropical aroma scent has been rated 5/5 every year. The Shine Brown oil, the second of the Originals bundle, is the oily version of the high-rated cream. With its tropical fruit and orange scent, the oil leaves people in awe due to its power to darken the skin in a 100% natural way. For those that prefer tanning oils with SPF, there is the third product of the Originals trio, the Shine Brown Peach oil with an SPF 6 protection.

The company stresses the utmost quality of its products and pushes them to be superior in the industry. “We wanted to make people excited about premium cosmetics, just as we are excited about it. We wanted to offer something different, something better, the best on the market.”

Besides their Shine Brown products, BYROKKO has taken their creativity and excellence to a whole new level, creating the best high-quality products to introduce a new self-tan line so that people can keep the perfect silky tan all year round

Check BYROKKO and their products out for yourself: or on Instagram @byrokko

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