Callum Chriss Overcomes Adverse Circumstances to Become one of the Most Recognizable Social Media Entrepreneurs

Callum Chriss is a remarkable young entrepreneur of our times, who found his niche and made his name in the field of social media. Even as social media entrepreneurs are aplenty through the current times, Chriss has certain typical traits that make him stand out among them!

Surprisingly, while being reasonably young, Chriss is well connected with a few of the top influencers from across the world. He attributes his robust networking skills to the success he has achieved in the field of social media.

As of current, Chriss works closely with over 1500 influencers. Alongside, he works along with over 1300 influencers who are well recognized for their work in target niches. This makes Chriss an exceedingly versatile social media marketer because specializing across multiple niches is a rare quality and calls for some serious dedication to the purpose. Chriss expresses that along with the influencers with whom he networks; they stand the potential to reach over 500 million followers.

Primarily, Chriss is professionally involved with helping influencers and companies build a strong social media following. While building awareness for their brand, a robust social media following delivers additional direct sales for their products and services.

Chriss has had an interesting journey towards becoming one of the most recognizable names in the social media hemisphere. When he was just 14, Chriss moved to the countryside along with his family. It was a transition that was complicated for Chriss to manage. He came to realize that the lifestyle in the countryside was reasonably different from the urban life that he had led all his life. He had little to do in the country.

Chriss began to spend some additional time over social media and came to recognize the power that networking over social media withheld. That is where the beginnings of a successful career as a young social media entrepreneur lay.


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