Calvin Becerra Proves There’s No Such Thing as Overnight Success

There’s nothing that mainstream media likes more than an overnight success. The fantasy of a sudden rise to stardom, power, or riches always excites people, as it makes them feel as though anything is possible – and it is, but not in the way that the media sells it.

The thing is… anything is possible, provided you’re prepared to work for it, face adversity, and continue forward when things get hard. You’ve got to have the motivation to face roadblocks and find a way around them, or pivot into a new direction and continue towards your goal. A ten-year overnight success? It’s the reality, but it’s not sexy.

Calvin Becerra reached his goal of gaining a great education and becoming a millionaire by age 23, which is an astounding feat and can seem like an overnight success – how many people leave college and achieve that kind of success in just two years?

The truth is, Becerra didn’t have a normal childhood or college experience. His high school days weren’t full of hanging out with friends, attending school, and studying a little before dinner. Becerra’s working life started at just 8-years-old, when he first started washing cars and mowing lawns after school and on weekends to help his mom make ends meet.

Becerra didn’t simply go on to the local high school and find any job he could to continue helping his mom pay the bills. Rather, he sought a place at a private high school in northern California and started working three different jobs. He would start his day as a janitor, attend school, and then head to the gas station or Applebee’s to work after school and on weekends.

Despite this insane schedule, Becerra still found time to study and excel in academics and athletics, as he achieved honors in both, landing him a full-ride scholarship to university. This meant that he was the first person in his family to attend and graduate from college. Of course, the jump from a college scholarship to becoming a millionaire in real estate at 23 wasn’t an easy one, either. Becerra continued to push himself every day until he achieved that goal.

What about that journey says overnight success story? If we look at the time between college and reaching millionaire status, then, yes, it looks like the turn around was impossibly fast. But, if we go back to when Becerra first started to push past the adversity that faced him, at 8-years-old, we can see that his success was well over a decade in the making.

Of course, Becerra didn’t simply sit back on his investments and take early retirement, Becerra went on to become a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and top salesperson at international companies. He created a multi-million-dollar sales team for two billion-dollar companies, too.

Becerra is now taking on coaching clients to help guide them through the difficult path and make it a little easier to find success than Calvin did when he navigated it alone. His years of hard work and success has made him a name to follow, and he regularly speaks on his journey and the lessons he’s learned about motivation and sales techniques, sharing the same stage as the likes of Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, Pitbull, and Richard Branson.

Now 39, Becerra is ready to move his focus from working within businesses to coaching others on founding their own and finding success within sales roles. He wants to show others how to find success and lead the same incredible lifestyle that he’s been able to create for himself and shares with his wife and their four beautiful children.

Calvin Becerra isn’t an overnight success – he’s proof of what hard work, persistence, and dedication can do. If you’re ready to change your life for the better or push through to the next level, Becerra is here to help. You can find him on his website and his YouTube channel, which has hundreds of videos so you can start learning from him right now.

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