Cameron Mercadel: Meet the 15-years old Basketball Prodigy

When talent is in abundance, age becomes a mere number. Sports has been a field for millions of people to not only get inspiration from but also a form of life for them, it has become such an integral part of some people that their life depends on the game that they play. Athletes today train themselves hard to compete with the best of the best in the game.

New training methods, workouts, regimes, diets have now become a compulsion for new athletes to follow. Gone are the days where fitness was not given much importance to play any sport. Today fitness, agility, stamina building has been given prime importance for any sports person to succeed. One such amazing story and journey of a young athlete has been of a 15-year-old Cameron Mercadel hailing from Los Angeles, California.

As one rightly said, “when you catch them, catch them young”. This young budding talented basketball player is mere 15 years of age. Height of 5’11 at this young age and still growing is an indication for him to keep moving ahead in the game of basketball. Basketball was the hereditary gift that Cameron received from his parents, as both his parents played the game earlier in their early life.

Cameron’s father is now his basketball trainer and life coach. Infact Cameron’s father has been a professional basketball coach and has been highly instrumental in helping and developing the game of basketball in many young kids and players from the neighborhood. His father realized long time back that Cameron is born to play this game and take the country ahead in many international forums. Cameron too has never a dull moment especially when he trains with his father.

Keeping his feet on the ground and learning each and every method from his father, Cameron is continuously toning his skills, upscaling his moves, going a level up always. Cameron feels he is extremely lucky to have is father as a trainer and life coach. There is also a boxing coach and a speed and agility coach that work closely with Cameron to help develop his overall skills.

Cameron is determined to make his mark in professional National Basketball League and prove himself as an NBA talent of the future. Cameron hustles and trains every day for 4-6 hours and keeps working hard to improve his overall stamina, strength, and agility. Cameron also feels the need and presence of his on many social media platforms.

He runs his own YouTube channel which showcases his training sessions and is also active on his Instagram account as well where he enjoys a loyal fan base of 173k+ followers. Cameron soon is going to start a new show “A Shot at the Champ” on YouTube which will be aired in April on Whistle Sports.

We wish Cameron all the very best to make it big in the NBL and becomes a professional NBA player in future.

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