What Can a Go Daddy Girl and WWE Diva Teach Us About Business?


For any World Wrestling Entertainment fans, the name Candice Michelle will more than likely ring a bell. Before her big break, Candice spent years acting and modeling, which included auditions during the day and working as a waitress at night. One day, she received an exciting call about an audition for a national commercial.

Not only did Candice knock the audition out of the park, but her first commercial with Go Daddy in 2005 blew up.

She gained national attention from her appearance in the commercial that aired during the Super Bowl and continued to perform in the company’s annual Super Bowl commercials.

Within the same month, Candice’s agent contacted her and mentioned that the WWE was holding its first ever Diva Search Contest. The contest was offering $100,000 and a one year contract to its winner. Growing up, Candice had watched wrestling every Monday night and even had Hulk Hogan dolls instead of Barbie dolls.

Although Candice didn’t win the competition itself, she was quickly signed to the WWE Raw roster. She not only made a name for herself as the “Go Daddy Girl,” but also as a fighting machine in the ring.

What appeared as an overnight success for Candice on the outside was realistically many years in the making.  She knew that getting a big break in show business wasn’t something you can plan for. Instead, it was something you could work hard for with hopes to eventually get rewarded. Candice reached the peak of her WWE career in 2007 after becoming the first Diva Search contestant to win the Women’s Championship title. After repeated injuries, she parted ways with the WWE in 2009.

Almost a decade has passed since Candice has made an appearance in the ring, but she has recently shared a big surprise with her fans. On December 2nd she will be returning for one more match in her hometown of Wisconsin before retiring for good.

This exciting and unexpected announcement has created quite the buzz, but it isn’t all that Candice has in the works.

The House of Hardcore 36 – Blizzard Brawl 2017 Homecoming may be Candice’s last match, but it certainly won’t be her final triumph.

Outside the world of wrestling, Candice is an entrepreneur who works with her husband, Dr. KenGee Ehrlich. Together, they have developed a chiropractic pillow called The Good Roll that corrects posture while creating a better sleeping experience.

It was inspired by Candice, who after years of aches and pains from wrestling, motivated her chiropractor husband Dr. KenGee to create something to help her sleep and even improve her posture—and thus reduce pain and tension—from using it for as little as 20 minutes a day.


The Good Roll is the world’s first fully-customizable, non-toxic chiropractic pillow that’s designed to give a good night’s sleep every night. Dr. Kengee and Candice have perfected this pillow and always remained true to their vision of changing the way people sleep all around the world.

With the Good Roll brought to market, Dr. Kengee and Candice are excited to share the journey of making their dreams become a reality.  

They have taken on the entrepreneurial world together with the hopes to serve and give back to others. Visit thegoodpillow.com and follow along with this unstoppable power couple as they continue to do big things together!

Candice is an example of someone who embodies hard work, never quitting, innovation, and brand building.

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