Cannabis Powerhouses Seven Leaves and Zkittlez Join Forces for Massive Collaboration

It’s a coming together of two cannabis giants.

There’s been big news in the cannabis industry in the form of a Seven Leaves & Zkittlez collaboration. Being some of the most widely recognized across the industry, the two companies have come together to bring five new, exclusive strains to the market.

Seven Leaves has been known as one of California’s leading indoor cultivation operations, offering consumers a variety of indoor cannabis flowers, pre-rolls, co-branded pen cartridges, and resins. The Sacramento, California-based operation has been recognized internationally as a hub for indoor production. Founded in 2008, Seven Leaves has been evolving its techniques and practices to perfection over the last 12 years, offering premium cannabis free of pesticides and herbicides. Seven Leaves distributes its products to over 250 California dispensaries.

Legacy brand Zkittlez has stood out from competitors, offering the most unique terpene profiles of cannabis in the market. Created by the award-winning breeders the Terphogz, the Zkittlez brand has gone on to win over 90 awards, including notable prizes such as multiple 1st place finishes at the Emerald Cup. Together with Seven Leaves, the two cannabis colossi have engineered some of the most ambitious and quality strains on the market.

The pair of brands have already debuted the first of the five strains, called “ZRUNTZ,” to critical acclaim. With overwhelmingly positive reviews and video reviews online, Seven Leaves and Zkittlez are set to release the next for strains across the coming weeks.

Paying close attention to consumer reports, Seven Leaves and Zkittlez take into account different consumer experiences and dial in their products, tweaking the breeding and growing processes for optimal results. With things going smoothly and well-received for the collaboration, consumers can expect “Blooberry Zkittlez,” “Zlushi,” “Melon Brainz,” and “Hindu Zkittlez” strains of cannabis to be hitting Californian dispensary shelves soon.

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