Captivating an Audience Through Psychology with Richard Ellis of Ellis Films

Richard Ellis of Ellis Films knows how to captivate an audience. But he also knows engaging an audience doesn’t guarantee results.

Utilizing his background in Psychology, Richard has combined his detailed and analytical approach with his creative skills to create cinematic content which entices the audience and convinces them to take action.

In the video production industry, creative skills are paramount for producing content which both captivates and delivers results.

Richard has amassed an arsenal of creative experience: twenty years in music, fourteen years of customer service, eight years in video production, supplemental education in film and audio engineering, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

Unlike other video production companies, Richard doesn’t base his process on creativity. He bases it on the needs and psychological motivations of his clients. What works for them and what they want comes first.

Then he puts his cinematic and videography skills to work.

What results is video content that is both engaging and delivers results.

Having spent years in the video production industry, Richard knows many producers and cinematographers put their own creative ambitions first. Because of this, they don’t meet the client’s video needs.

The video may look great, but it is not delivering results – it is not meeting the client’s needs or expectations. That is not a problem with Ellis Films.

Creating a great video is not a one-size-fits-all formula. There is a process in producing a video that reflects the client’s brand and delivers what they need.

That process requires an understanding of the client and their needs, struggles, and methods. Ellis Films takes the time to understand the psychology of their clients, delivering both the creative content and the results.

Making the Client’s Needs the Paramount Factor in creating Effective Content

The first step in the Ellis Films process is to meet with the client to fully grasp what they need, why they need it, and what makes them unique.

Through this meeting, Richard gains insight into their unique company and personal psychology and builds a rapport with the client. He makes sure they know their needs come before his desire to be creative.

Richard also establishes a mode of communication that works best for the client, ensuring he is always available and accessible.

With a goal established based on the client’s brand needs, Richard then sets out to achieve their goals with cinematic content that produces results.

Whether it is a brand or company highlight, a service video, a personnel highlight, or anything in between, Ellis Films accomplishes it with professionalism and cinematic creativity.

Richard allows his clients to have a say in the video he produces for them. Whether that be a more personal tone, utilizing a different video method, or going in a new direction.

Whatever the client needs, Richard and Ellis Films create a cinematic piece that never feels overly produced, amateurish, or fails to hit the target demographic.

Through embracing his client’s psychology, Richard and his team produce professional and polished content that viewers won’t ignore.

The Ellis Films process ensures that the creative ambition of the video never comes at the expense of comprehension; viewers are never left in doubt about what the video is saying. And the production quality is never left in question.

Ellis Films does the opposite compared to other video production agencies that force their clients to conform to their style.

Richard has embraced flexibility. His understanding of Psychology means he knows when clients are heard, and their needs are put first, the results of his work will be more effective. The client will also be happier and more likely to return.

Ellis Films does not produce video content for a specific niche or industry. They do not conform to a single style; instead, adopting the style of their client, regardless of industry.

Richard and the Ellis Films team create captivating content that serves the client’s needs rather than the artist’s creative vision.

This client-centric focus is why Ellis Films clients keep coming back.

Richard has shown that understanding the client’s Psychology results in happier clients and better results. He has combined Psychology and video processes to create an in-depth plan that meets client goals.

Richard Ellis and Ellis Films only produce video and cinematic content which achieves client goals.

Ellis Films also puts the client first by offering a one-hour free consultation to ensure clients are a good fit. If the client isn’t ready, then Richard won’t waste their money on producing directionless content.

Richard will explain to the prospect what is required to produce a creative and effective piece of content. He will then invite them to come back when they are ready.

And if the prospect determines his needs don’t fit with Richard’s services, Richard will connect them with fellow videographers who are a better fit.

If you would like to receive a free consultation or learn more about Richard and Ellis Films’ video and production services, you can visit their website¬†here.

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