Carlo Parodi has a Creative Entrepreneurial Mindset who has Created “Casanova Empire” With Multiple Business Products

Carlo Parodi is an Italy born entrepreneur who is currently based in the UK. He is a synonym for creativity, vision, and fearlessness. The creative entrepreneurial mindset has released many exceptional business products in different niches.

What makes Carlo Parodi different from his counterparts is he doesn’t just focus on collecting results. But he lays his focus on collecting emotions. In simple words, it means that he releases his business products in the market after considering the requirements of his customers.

With his innovative approach and strong vision, Carlo Parodi has obtained the copyright of the Casanova brand. He derived his inspiration to establish this brand due to his admiration for GIACOMO Casanova.

Due to this, Carlo Parodi has founded Giacomo Casanova LTD and he is also the founder of Casanova Museum & Experience in Venice. It is his strong educational foundation and healthy family relationship during his childhood that helped him firmly step into the entrepreneurial world.

Carlo Parodi doesn’t hesitate to take risks and it is what sets him apart from other entrepreneurs. He is a pro in implementing entrepreneurial ideas and it is evident from the fact that he only took 3 months to establish the Casanova Museum & Experience.

The visionary entrepreneur unveiled it to everyone on the birth date of Giacomo Casanova. Carlo Parodi never compromises with his service and he always maintains top-quality in his works.

In order to satisfy the visitors fully, he has chosen local authorities, history professors, and 18th-century experts for the Casanova Museum & Experience. His reach is not limited to only this as Carlo Parodi has also started a new branded underwear collection (giacomocasanovastyle) for the male audience.

At Giacomo Casanova Style, he sells new style underwear for men to satisfy their needs. He aims to take the level of fashion to a new height with his visionary approach. It is the reason why he has introduced this brand to the target audience.

Carlo Parodi has also successfully founded Casanova Prosecco for making available, “made in Italy” sparkling champagne & prosecco products. He sells these products throughout the world to fill people’s lives with fun.

Unlike other entrepreneurs, Carlo Parodi believes in working smartly and he doesn’t immerse himself into the entrepreneurial world. The entrepreneur focuses on creating the right balance between his personal and professional life.

Carlo Parodi is truly an inspiration for all those people who want to pursue their careers in the entrepreneur world. His entrepreneurial journey contains a lot of positive things that every budding entrepreneur can learn to excel in his career.

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