Carving a Niche in Yoga and acting, Divya Bharti expertises in her talents

It is rightly said that “Yoga is the artwork of awareness on the body, mind, and soul”.
One such person who is passionate about Yoga is Divya Bharti, who has been practicing Yoga on and off since 2015. There are stories of people who have started practicing Yoga in the wake of some unfortunate, traumatic event or inverse of making some change in their life. Divya’s story is also one such story in the same line.
It was a fellow yogi during Divya’s practice, who told her that she is really good at what she is doing and she should teach yoga in the future. She could not deny this fact and later she meditated about it. Within a span of a month, Divya applied for her first yoga teacher training course for real. Her respect and knowledge for the practice grew even more when she started training herself as a teacher.
Making her dreams true, one year later she opened her yoga world in the name of ” DivYogini Yoga & Meditation”. Divya always felt hearty gratitude and love for people who came to walk with her in this divine journey of Yoga.
Besides Yoga specialists, Divya is also an actor in the Hindi film industry. She has worked in a few films and ads as a female lead protagonist. Her last film ‘Five Point Three’ has bagged many awards in prestigious film festivals and has been selected for ‘Cannes International film Festival’ 2021.
Divya’s practice brought all the light which she needed in her life to keep going. She has been living alone far from her family for more than a decade now and this has only made her strong and independent. However, her over-analytic mind used to scare her every night as she thought about what if things go wrong, and what if she fails.
This was slowly turning her into an anxious person but it was Yoga that came into her life as a rescuer. Since the founding year of Divyogini yoga & meditation in 2018, each day has been magic for her. With yoga, she is living a very conscious and mindful life. Yoga just not gave her a healthy body but brought clarity, self-worth, happiness, deeper knowledge about wellness, and love.
It didn’t happen in a day, as it took the endless preparations, the hours of grading, the meetings and conferences, and the actual teaching. Weaving yoga into the mix wasn’t easy, but it was non-negotiable. As a result of her hard work, Divya Bharti is now successfully running her wellness studio in Mumbai and online globally. Her second venture is soon opening in Goa in the name of “DivYogini wellness retreat”
Focusing on her future plans, Divya says, “My goal has been to do what I can to make yoga available to the people that are lost in the rat race, recovering mental physical traumas. Helping people adopt a conscious living.”
She also wishes to teach yoga to as many as children she can, so that they can understand that the most precious assets of life are peace of mind, happiness, and a healthy body.
According to Divya, there will be many situations in life where your mental peace or overall health will be compromised but never let the voice in your head lead you in to the wrong direction. She always tells everyone to listen to their heart, invest in their body, and pour self-love. She says “The stress you might experience is only temporary as your comfort zone is stretching. Join yoga it will change not just your life but people around you too. Be kind to yourself. “She concludes

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