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Case Barnett Law Founders Case and Nicole Barnett Share Their Origin Story and Their Holistic Outlook on the Practice of Law

Costa Mesa, California-based personal injury firm Case Barnett Law was founded several years ago by husband-and-wife team Case and Nicole Barnett, who share their origin story and unique holistic outlook on the practice of law.

They believe it’s time for a shift in perspective regarding the role lawyers play in supporting their communities. Their personal injury practice has become a powerful advocate, known for working with victims of catastrophic accidents, taking on the biggest, most impactful cases in the community.

Case has been a trial lawyer for 17 years. He started his career at the public defender’s office as a criminal defense attorney, representing people accused of serious crimes. One case, a profoundly difficult situation involving child abuse, was the catalyst for making a change in his professional life. It became clear it was time for a change of pace, and the couple began looking into what they could do to move towards a more positive purpose and provide more support and benefit to the community.

In 2015 they started Case Barnett Law. Personal injury law was the perfect arena for the Barnetts to jump into to help people and make a long-term impact on lives in the community. With extensive high-stakes trial experience, the firm knows how to work a case up with the legal prowess to ensure the best outcome for clients.

Connecting with people, learning about their story and understanding what support they need is a big part of the job. Giving clients a chance at a life they can enjoy, despite the trauma they have been through, is at the center of what the Barnetts do.

Case Barnett comes from a family of lawyers, his father is a renowned criminal defense attorney, and his grandfather was a “Judge Advocate General” in the United States Marine Corp. Case knew at the age of 12, after watching his dad in court in the famed Rodney King trial, that he wanted to do the same thing, dedicating his life to the pursuit of justice, and making a difference in people’s lives.

Nicole is the driving force behind much of what happens at the firm. She and Case have been married for 10 years and are raising two beautiful children while running their businesses. Nicole is a former elementary school teacher with a degree in fine arts and a background in visual communications and marketing. She uses all these skills in her role as Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of the law firm.

Case Barnett Law is not simply in it to win cases and get a big, one-time settlement. They are invested holistically, wanting to give their clients a better life moving forward. The firm works with many children who have suffered serious injury because of the negligence of others. The Barnetts strive to be the firm that effectuates beneficial and long-term change in the community.

They refer to it as “holistic lawyering” meaning they are looking at the whole picture, long term. Nicole is currently becoming a certified integrative healthcare practitioner and will soon be offering holistic healing support material to help clients feel better mentally and physically, addressing some of the lingering health effects they have.

Additionally, the firm will be incorporating a financial management and counseling aspect, to help clients protect and manage their settlement funds.

The Barnetts have the goal of becoming a center of healing and support for the community, a place people can always trust to come to for help. This passion to do good, to protect those who most need it, and to help people overcome trauma, is the force behind their new take on holistic lawyering, and they hope others in the industry will see the value in this approach.

Learn more about this powerful team and the amazing work they do for the community on their website and social media, and tune into their innovative blog and podcast Law Prophet.

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