Cash Cartier Goes From Big Dreams To Big Business

Kaleb Mickens, better known as Cash Cartier, is shaping the future of thousands of people acting as their guide and widening the path of their success.

At a young age, Cash has virtually emerged as a corporate Guru in his own right helping people, particularly millennial entrepreneurs, translating their dreams of business success into reality by helping them bring out their inner qualities as entrepreneurs.

A very popular person on Instagram having a very large number of following, Cash very effectively delivers power-packed speeches motivating young entrepreneurs with whom he perfectly links himself forging chemistry of its own kind. He is a successful entrepreneur and a powerful inspirational public speaker.

Since childhood, Cash was an internet enthusiast which he used as a social media marketing tool, later on, to successfully emerge as an entrepreneur. He, subsequently, empowered himself and now empowering others to follow his way to achieve success.

Having gained over six years of professional experience, Cash is helping lead the way of IM Mastery Academy which is a forex and cryptocurrency educational company. He aims to continue expanding them globally. Cash also travels around the world as a public speaker to inspire and assist others to become leading entrepreneurs.

What is most surprising, when Cash entered into the entrepreneurial venture, he hardly had any deep knowledge of the intricacies of the business. But over a period of time, he learned the tricks of the trade to finally emerge as a very successful entrepreneur.

After having achieved in business and establishing his name Globally, Cash now aims to give back what he has achieved to others. He is doing this through his inspirational public speeches thus mentoring other entrepreneurs also to make it big in their lives.

Explaining to future entrepreneurs that success takes time to manifest, Cash explains how he achieved success in business in a phased manner. Hence, his recipe for them is self-confidence, patience, perseverance, passion, and hard work.

Currently trading cryptocurrencies, foreign exchange, and the stock-market, Cash successfully devised multiple streams of revenue from several of his business endeavors which helped him turn into a successful entrepreneur.

He also made his presence felt in the network marketing industry and is one of the leading producers in this industry by producing over 6 million dollars of revenue in annual sales for his company. This led Cash to be known globally and launched him into one of the top .01% of income earners in the Network Marketing Industry.

Currently, he leads a sales team of over 4,000 customers and distributors worldwide and educates others in his MLM training, which includes business building strategies, building leaders, sales, and how to build a global network marketing business.

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Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.