Catching up With Sarvesh: A Prolific SEO and Digital Marketer

That’s where a skilled marketer like Sarvesh Shrivastava comes into the picture.

With the vast expansion of the Internet in recent times, several new opportunities have emerged that are vastly different from the traditional business everyone is used to. The term Online marketing has exploded like anything and every business out there is trying to utilize the online channels these days.

That’s where a skilled marketer like Sarvesh Shrivastava comes into the picture. Sarvesh’s name has become synonymous with success in the SEO industry as he has been able to take several blogs from zero to five-six figures of revenue within a short span of time.

Sarvesh’s fascination with the Internet allowed him to get into the SEO industry when he was very young. At the time when his friends were busy playing video games, Sarvesh used to pull in all-nighters to learn as much as he could about SEO.

Starting his online journey as a freelance content writer, Sarvesh soon realized the potential SEO had and he used to save all his earnings as a freelance writer and invested it into his SEO projects so that they can get all the care they needed to grow into five-figure revenue-generating blogs.

Rather than wasting hours on social media platforms, Sarvesh utilized the time he had to learn and experiment with different SEO strategies on his blogs, which allowed him to understand what works and what does not. To this date, Sarvesh follows the same mantra of experimenting with everything before deciding what works.

According to Sarvesh, the SEO industry is changing very rapidly. What used to work 6 months earlier might not work today. This is because Google’s algorithms are getting better and better each day and thus one needs to be on top of their SEO game to understand those changes and implement them to get the best-ranking advantage.

As far as SEO is concerned, Sarvesh emphasizes a lot on getting the basics right with a website. Be it the content, page speed, proper design, Sarvesh feels that it’s the basics that account for 70% of SEO, and without getting them right, no matter what you do in Off-page SEO, it won’t give the desired results.

Sarvesh feels that the best perk of taking SEO as a career is the ability to work from anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection and a laptop and you can work from anywhere in the world, be it at the comfort of your home or a beach. This flexibility is not something one gets with a job. Hence, Sarvesh believes that if you are someone who loves traveling and deciding your own work timings, SEO and blogging is the perfect career for you.

Along with working on his projects, Sarvesh loves to share case studies and his experience of SEO on his blog Niche Desire. He believes it is important for those who have started early and became successful in this field to show the way to youngsters, that’s the only way to spread awareness of this field.


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.