CEEK Founder Mary Spio Empowers Creators Through A Unique Metaverse Experience

Born in Ghana, deep space engineer and founder of CEEK, Mary Spio, escaped chaos for the first time by watching a space exploration documentary on TV. So, a few years later, when she felt the same joy on an Oculus headset, her mission became quite clear – to deliver a completely engulfing sensory experience for everyone. What started with a space documentary is now one of the most promising ventures for music, sports, education and tokenization in the rapidly evolving universe of blockchain.

During her corporate years, Spio provided technical guidance for mammoths like Microsoft XBOX, Toyota and Coca-Cola. Spio’s work led her to create the technology that paved the way for video distribution, inspiring her to build CEEK VR.

Today, CEEK VR (CEEK) produces premium virtual, social and augmented reality (V & AR) experiences. The platform connects artists and audiences through a virtual environment for long-term engagement. In its dual purpose, the blockchain-streaming site allows creators to build new revenue streams while cultivating sporting events, live concerts and unique experiences for the fans. In line with this, CEEK has partnered with Universal Music, granting it the rights to stream live performances with top artists like U2, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Sting, Neyo, Ziggy Marley, etc.

In addition to music, CEEK also brings a sports experience to the table. The company has collaborated with Dwayne Wade for his Celebrity Sports Academy, featuring athletes like Cheyenne Parker, Andrew Wiggins, Collin Sexton, and CJ McCollum. CEEK allows participants to access training videos, pro-athlete messages, and live video check-ins through a wide variety of content, thus enhancing their game and mindset.

Spio’s prime focus throughout the entire project is to bring accessibility and alignment holistically. She believes the earlier iterations of technology skipped many people. CEEK wants to challenge this tradition by making the Metaverse accessible, no matter where they are located on the globe.

Bringing the idea to life, CEEK uses Smart Contract for governance in VR environments. Token holders can tokenize in-world interactions, voting, virtual goods, contests and rewards. CEEK’s NFT Marketplace is specifically designed to enable this ownership of digital products that pass through multiple digital reality environments, global payments, digital currency, and applications.

The smart contracts run through the Binance Smart Chain with a fully diluted market cap of CEEK coins standing at more than $700 million. As of now, there are nearly over 744 million CEEK coins in circulation. This number is capped at a billioncoins, which may be supplied in the future. The in-app currency is, in fact, the leading crypto coin for virtual and augmented reality today.

Spio has affirmed a growth of over 25,000 percent for the coin since its inception, marking its potential value as a worthy compensation for creators. The blockchain wallet can be used to transfer funds or purchase CEEK points which can then be used throughout the application for an elevated experience.

Since the creator industry is majorly skewed to favor the top one percent in the creative field, CEEK and Mary Spio are actively working to tip the scales back towards a balanced and fair economy. Spio aims to ensure that the Metaverse adoption happens globally, thus monetizing every artist’s work directly through their user base.

CEEK’s most recent work with Lady Gaga, where fans saw a behind-the-scenes look into the creation of her video “911”, immersing them into a stunning desert landscape rooted in artistic surrealism, further fortifies the belief in the endlesspossibilities of the platform.

With the global pandemic, Spio realized the current system of concerts was broken and needed to be fixed. CEEK acted as a bridge to successfully connect gameplay, social network, 360-degree videos and True 3D, or 2D streaming, thus heightening the elusive experience of participating in an intimate event.

Furthermore, since most artists are fighting a double battle of proper financial compensation and the ongoing pandemic, CEEK has embraced a model that guarantees creators a direct profit off their content through paid experiences. Going forward, Mary Spio and CEEK plan to release a dashboard that brings additional resources to its creators. The move is said to align with all mediums such as music, sports and education.

CEEK’s constant movement towards a decentralized Metaverse makes this a perfect time for renewing hope in the future of entertainment.

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