Celebrities and Their Investments

Celebrities live a very public life where almost everyone knows something about them. From who they are dating to their favourite vacation spots, nearly everything about them is general knowledge. But one aspect of their lives that many don’t seem to pay attention to is their investments. While celebrities earn top dollars from several sources such as talents, sponsorship, endorsements, etc., many are also silent investors in top companies.

Celebrities aren’t just talented artists, actors, and the likes; many are also business-savvy entrepreneurs who make smart investments that will secure and increase their fortunes. These people have invested in everything from wellness apps to coffee brands to the blockchain. Using a collection of data from the Celebrity Investment Index, we determine who are the biggest, most prolific and successful celebrity investors.

The Index analyses investment data about 30 celebrities to determine the most prolific and areas they invested in the most. Five factors are used to determine the most successful investors. They are net worth, how many investments they have, the highest amount invested, average investment sum, and estimated total investments. Each of these factors is rated over 30, which means the whole grading system is over 150. Here are the top investors based on the grading system.

Who are the Top Celebrity Investors?

The legendary Rapper and co-founder of Roc Nation, Jay Z, tops the celebrity index with a score of 132/150. While he has made millions from music, his $1 billion net worth is not only tied to music. He is a prolific investor with investments in alcohol brands, streaming services, entertainment labels, etc. Jay Z has 11 partner and personal investments totalling $983 million, with tech and champagne being his core investment areas.

The next person on the list is Ashton Kutcher, who has 129/150. The model cum actor has been investing heavily in tech startups for a while now. He has invested $3.1 billion, mostly in tech companies. Other celebrities who make the top 5 are Bono, Oprah, and Jared Leto.

Biggest Spenders Among Celebrity Investors

Jay Z might be the top celebrity investor, but Ashton Kutcher earns this spot for the biggest spender. No other celebrity investor has invested as much money or in as many companies as him. The actor, who was just an angel investor at first, has founded two venture capitals Sound Ventures and A-Grade Investments. He has also invested $3.1 billion.

Another legendary rapper, Nas, comes on the list with almost $1.5 billion in investments. He is the co-founder of Queensbridge Venture Partners, a VC that has invested in several companies, including Dropbox, Walker & Company, RapGenius, etc. Nas invests mostly in tech companies.

Paul Hewson, or Bono as you may know him, is the celebrity investor that completes the top three.  He has invested $886 million in five investments, one of which is Varo Money.

Popular Brands Backed by Celebrities

Some of the most popular brands in the world today have silent celebrity investors behind them. For instance, Ashton Kutcher invested in Uber, Spotify, and Airbnb during their early stages. Jared Leto and Jay Z also invested in Uber.

Serial investors Jared Leto and Ashton Kutcher also participated in funding Zenefits, the software company for Human Resources management. Likewise, Serena Williams, Katy Perry, Will.i.am, and Jay Z invested in Impossible Foods, which produces Beyond Burgers. Rihanna, 50 Cent, Leonardo Di Caprio, Will Smith, John Legend, etc., are also backing various top companies.

Which Sectors Do Celebrities Invest their Money

Several celebrities are consummate investors. But they don’t just invest anywhere. It seems celebrities have specific niches that they prefer to others. Data from the Celebrity Investment Index shows that around 66% of celebrities invest in businesses within the tech sector.

Some of these celebrities diversify their portfolio. For example, Jay Z invests in everything from tech to champagne. Health and Wellness brands also have sizable investments, mostly from female celebrities. Stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah Winfrey, Tyra Banks, and Jessica Alba are the biggest celebrity investors in wellness brands.


Businesses and startups used to rely mostly on venture capital and corporations for funding. Today, celebrity investors are also getting involved, opening new funding sources for entrepreneurs. Many of these celebrities are business-savvy and have made millions from investing by spotting startupswith potential early enough.

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