Celebrity Journalist Darriel Roy Leverages Various Media Platforms to Inspire Others

Since the rise of technology, people have been greatly exposed to various media platforms where they receive content that keeps them in the loop of day-to-day happenings. However, not all available content is positive and inspiring. Some of them can be negative and troubling, causing panic and worry among viewers.

Journalist Darriel Roy hopes to change the quality of content that people consume by providing them with more uplifting stories that they can draw inspiration from.

A Show Full Of Inspiration

Launched a year and a half ago, Darriel started “The Darriel Roy Show.” Her show allowed her to fearlessly branch out and fulfil her desire of sharing positive content, especially during trying times.

During the previous year, people have become frustrated and stressed due to riots, wars, a global pandemic, and many other incidents. Darriel felt that there was a lack of inspirational content on the mainstream media, as a result, she made it her mission to provide quality programming where viewers a chance to learn from influential people.

The Darriel Roy Show features celebrities and entrepreneurs, and serves as a platform where they can share their inspirational stories on achieving success.

Since it started, her show has welcomed many highly celebrated guests in show business and entrepreneurship, including Sean Paul, Shaggy, Suzanne Somers,  Priyanka Chopra-Jonas, Netflix Founder – Marc Randolph and many more. Darriel’s show has been a source of that positivity. She uses her platform to share messages that help others see the silver lining by highlighting stories of people who overcame the odds and rose above the challenge.

The Darriel Roy Show is available on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, all android boxes worldwide on TAG TV, AOL Video, Verizon, and I Heart Radio.

Her Early Works

Before Darriel became a media personality, she was a former Miss Universe Canada contestant and Miss Ontario for the Miss Canada International pageant. Eventually, she made her way to start a career in media and climb up the ranks in style, allowing her story to get featured on major outlets like NBC, FOX, CBS, Rogers Television, MSN, Billboard, AOL, and TMZ Life.

Throughout her career, Darriel has had the opportunity to interview numerous A-list celebrities such as The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, James Franco, Ryan Reynolds, Rachel McAdams, Snoop Dogg, Ed Sheeran, Seth Rogen, and more. She used these previous experiences to become the media personality she is today.

She was also nominated as The People’s Choice Winner for Fashion and Style at The Waterfront Awards 2018 celebrating outstanding women. She was also featured as Notable’s featured Young Professional.

Learn more about Darriel Roy on her Instagram account & across all social media platforms @OfficialDarriel


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