Celebrity Makeup Artist Arjun Verma, Featured in National OTT Reality Show “Dating Aaj Kal” by Flipkart Videos.

“JOURNEY FROM BACK STAGE TO ON STAGE HAS CHANGED MY LIFE” to Support the context We have Arjun Verma, an elite referred to as the best & the youngest Indian celebrity makeup artist holding a very renowned spot in the Bollywood as well as Punjabi film industry. Arjun Verma, born and brought up in Dharamshala kicked start his career from Chandigarh at mere age of 17, is today a brand personality who considers his work as a divination of pure aura.

Well, now, the latest buzz is that celebrity makeup artist has bagged an National reality show project “dating aaj kal – flipkart videos hosted by karan kundra. From this National Tv reality show Arjun got prominent name and fame Working as a makeup artist, he gets to learn and meet new people and the associated new challenges every day. He has been engaging with big celebrities and stars doing their makeovers and contemplating an enhanced creative style to their personality.

Arjun sees his young age as an opportunity to learn and develop more by exploring. Knowing that there are groups of people out who idolize him, incites Arjun to get up every day and relish life in a new way. To name a few, Arjun Verma has worked with Paras Chhabra, Singga and Mannat Noor, also making a celebrity appearance on some renowned reality shows like dating aaj kal flipkarthosted by Famous bollywood host karan kundra. He has also worked with many punjabi singers in their respective song composition that went viral instantly.

At initial stage, facing criticism Arjun Verma never gave up his hope and kept striving resulting in what he is today. He believes that with the right amount of passion and dedication, to whatever field we choose, success will be served in our platters. One just needs to hold on to their spark.

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