Celebrity Nutritionist Natasha Kanade Unlocks The 5 Key Aspects Of Living A Healthy Lifestyle

The most priceless investment one can make is on health and wellness. It won’t be wrong to say that the human body is a priceless possession, and one must take utmost care of it. Proper nutrition, a workout plan and a sound sleeping pattern are the essential ingredients to make life worth living. Imbibing by these daily life patterns require discipline and dedication. If not, medicines are the conventional treatment for any health issue, but the underlying health problems remain. It is important to have a holistic approach towards life and that involves working for the overall development – the physical, mental and spiritual aspect of life.

With an extra push of motivation, celebrity nutritionist and lifestyle coach, Natasha Kanade sheds light on the key aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. Her online health and fitness portal, www.transformwithnatasha.com is a one-stop health centre for weight management & lifestyle management programs. Her belief in the 5 key to healthy life grew with her experience in her career as a nutritionist. And guess what? It has done wonders with her clients to meet the fitness goals. “Be it weight loss or muscle gain, making basic changes in the lifestyle can bring significant changes”, states Natasha.

So what is the 5 key to a healthy life? Let’s take a proper understanding from the expert herself. Below are the 5 key aspects to live a healthy lifestyle as suggested by Natasha Kanade.

1) Balanced diet – Some diets put you on low carb intake and some on high fat and high protein intake. But it is essential to understand that a balanced diet is a combination of all your nutrients in the right quantity. The right diet is one that comprises all the nutritional needs of an individual for maximum health benefits. The goal may be weight loss or weight gain, but eating healthy to achieve a certain goal should be the priority.

2) Exercise – Not only does exercising make you lose weight but also makes you happy. Yes, you heard it right. Exercising can increase the production of endorphins, which are known to help produce positive and happy feelings. You tend to feel refreshed and it reduces any kind of a pain in the body.

3) Adequate water intake – We all know how important water is to the human body, but do we really know how much? Believe it or not, studies suggest that the human body is about 60 per cent water. It protects your tissues, spinal cord, joints and flushes out toxins from the body. It is important for maximum physical performance and it aids in digestion. A fun fact is that adequate water also helps you lose weight. The celebrity nutritionist is sure that after knowing about it, everyone will increase their water intake.

4) Good sleep – Now when we suggest good sleep, we don’t mean to take breaks all day and become lethargic. Natasha suggests that good 8 hours of night sleep is essential for the mind and body. Sleep plays a vital role in the human body and overall well-being. It protects your mental and physical health. Good sleep is as important as eating right and exercising. Sleep controls our metabolism and weight. It even helps prevent health disorders and boost immune function.

5) Stress management – Consistent stress increases your heart rate and leads to elevated levels of stress hormone and blood pressure. This can take a great toll on the body. It can have a serious negative impact on your immune function and brain health. To break the hold of stress has on your life, it is important to adapt stress management strategies. One can be happier, healthier and more productive with fewer levels of stress. Exercising, meeting your loved ones and spending more quality self-care time can help to manage stress.

To sum it up, Natasha Kanade emphasizes the need for including these 5 key aspects to living a healthy life. “All it needs is the motivation and that is something which comes from within”, concluded Natasha. If you are looking to transform your life for good, visit www.transformwithnatasha.com and see the miracles and positive changes that happen in the human body. To know more about her, visit her social media page ‘TransformWithNatasha’ for all the health and fitness updates.

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