CEO Abid Dharamsey of Bison Creations on How Digital Businesses Can Succeed in the Post-Pandemic World

When the world economy was struggling from uncertainty after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the international markets leaving everyone in a state of panic, it also has proved to be a blessing in disguise for the rapidly growing digital world.

This changing scenario has opened the gateway to the digital transformation of traditional market places in the near future. There is no return-to-normal. The idea for the future is simple. Go digital or go bust, go digital or go in vain. The post-pandemic world will have no promising future for the businesses that will fail to adapt to digital changes, not create an online presence, and utilize social media activation to remain competitive in the marketplace. 

Technological advancement had already predicted the e-commerce would be the future. The companies were gradually moving towards these changes, but the pandemic has fact-tracked the necessity to move to the digital world in order to survive and thrive. 

When businesses of all sizes were in a state of uncertainty, many digital geeks like Abid Dharamsey, the founder of Bison Creations, stepped ahead to share their remarks about post-pandemic business survival challenges and ways to dive into emerging opportunities of this new order. 

Their sure-shot secrets, second to none strategies, and innovative ideas are helping businesses create social media campaigns, provide brand guidelines, and maintain cordial relationships with customers through different communication channels i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Omnichannel commerce is all set to replace brick and mortar businesses with a virtual, one-step solution business models. According to the latest insights, 90% of the consumers will prefer to opt for virtual meet-ups, choose their products online, pay through flexible payment options, and get car side pickups or contactless deliveries at the door. That means the effective the online presence, the greater the benefits, and healthier relationship with consumers. 

In these uncertain circumstances, digital content and marketing companies have come to rescue businesses and brands in establishing customer-centric brand directions, PR models, expert guidance, brand identity, social media presence, and product and service launch. 

Digital collaboration is yet another crucial aspect that will change the way businesses work. Gone are the days when simply product marketing could bring you, potential customers. There is no place for businesses without digital collaboration. 

The post-pandemic world belongs to social media influencers. Effective PPC and display advertising will define the success of your business. 

Learning the ethics of digital acceleration has become crucial. There is no success in 2021 without prioritizing the digitalization of your business. By upgrading towards digital transformation, small businesses can come out from the difficult times faced during this pandemic.

“Gone are the days when having the best and high-quality product or service could give you good revenue. Major corporate giants are equally benefitting from these emerging opportunities. Therefore, success belongs to those who have innate marketing skills, can make wise and timely decisions, and understand rapidly changing trends of online business,” says Dharamsey.

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