CEO, Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Epic Health Partners: Meet Cory Williams

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Fashion, mental health, mentorship—there’s so much that Cory Williams can do, and he’s only adding more to the roster as he grows his business. His favorite project to talk about? Epic Health Partners, where he’s actively involved in and passionate about the healthcare industry, something that comes from his own personal experience. 

Growing up, Williams watched a family member struggle with mental illness and looked up to his hardworking parents as they ensured he and his sisters understood the value of hardwork. When he grew up and reflected on the people who shaped his life, he realized he had the capacity to help others through business ownership.

As Williams made his way through his own entrepreneurial journey, he made sure providing for his own family was at the top of his mind. From exploring mergers and acquisitions with other businesses to expanding his portfolio, he’s working on growing his business. Still, he’s also focused on community-driven efforts and remembers the hard work and perseverance that got him here.

Starting Young

Do you think you have to wait until it’s the right time to start a business, or at least till you’re ‘of age’ to do so? Williams didn’t let any of these arbitrary rules stand in his way, and neither should you. At just 19 years old, he was already looking at the world with the eyes of an entrepreneur.

His first attempt at business was a medical transportation business. Although he researched the area and put time and effort into it, it, unfortunately, didn’t take off. Most people would throw their hands in the air at this point and settle for a nine-to-five, but Williams was not most people. This only served to motivate him further, pushing him to brush up on his academic qualifications before he moved forward to try again.

Even the years between his education were filled with progress for Williams. In no time at all, he was climbing up the corporate ladder. Soon, he went from the director of operations at Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc in 2012 to founding and becoming the chief executive officer of Epic Health in 2015. Now, he’s CEO and Founder of Epic Health Partners, Epic Health, Epic Management Group, and C&E Holdings.

Redefining Success

From forming connections to encouraging business, he knows how important networking is for his career. He wants to help other would-be entrepreneurs do the same. To him, it’s not as essential to be a household name; what’s more important is to have the keen business sense to make your ideas profitable. After all, a business mogul that isn’t a household name is often just as successful as one that is.

For Williams, all the success in the world wouldn’t mean anything if he wasn’t doing something he loved. One of these passions comes in the form of fashion, something he weaves into his entrepreneurial journey because of how much he enjoys it.

When he was growing up, he remembers seeing “closets on closets of clothes” that his grandmother had, realizing that fashion was about that, but also about so much more. To him, it’s a step forward into entrepreneurship because it encourages you to be creative in much the same way. The art of fashion allows people to separate and distinguish themselves, making it one you can really dive into.

“When people come to me for advice, and what makes me successful, I tell them everyone has their own definition of success, but it all comes down to not being afraid to take risks,” he said. “I believe everyone should bet on themselves.”

Community Counts

Because he’s found what he loves, he now aims to encourage others to do the same, to tap into what he calls their own “genius-level talent.” After all, as he said, “When you’re getting paid to do what you love, it’s the easiest thing.”

For Williams, taking care of the community is just as important as taking care of yourself. He feels particularly strongly about eliminating the stigma around mental health illnesses. Through his advocacy, he wants to create a safe space for men to talk about and get the help they need when they need it.

Along with mentoring people to help them with creative and business guidance, he also helps by working with licensed therapists. Through this, he aims to provide everyone access to care and raise awareness of how important it is to seek it.

He’s now taking this effort a step further and making a difference within his community with free town halls called ‘The Epic Entrepreneur.’ The monthly event where he helps to mentor aspiring mentors, holding the free town hall where they can come in to learn how to mimic the success that he’s found for himself. 

About Cory Williams

Cory Williams is an Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of Epic Health Partners, Epic Health, Epic Management Group, C&E Holdings, and a board member of the Raleigh, NC-based Tammy Lynn Center. Cory is a dedicated mental health awareness advocate and mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs. For more information on Cory visit

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