Chad Ehlers on Reaching Out and Supporting Others With the Chadchange Movement

It’s not uncommon that people abandon their full-time jobs to pursue a different career, one that often runs along with their passions. For Chad Vincent Ehlers, making the decision to jump into the viral social media video sharing platform TikTok as Da_Chad was something unimaginable but has borne fruit, smiles, and changes for people around the globe.

Ehlers started his career in the medical field before becoming a full-time influencer on TikTok, where he is now one of the app’s most popular content creators. Known as Da_Chad, the influencer would use his platform to create the ChadChange Movement. The ChadChange Movement is a safe place that welcomes people who are hurting and looking for inspiration. Chad is not only the founder of the movement; he also acts as the leader.

Since its inception, the ChadChange Movement has innovatively created a secure online support group that consists of over three hundred members, not just in America but all across the globe. Each member has received regular inspiration and motivation that helps them get through their daily struggles and needs. Many people who joined the movement have shared how ChadChange has not only supported them through their most difficult and trying times; it has even saved lives.

The movement has brought in over three hundred influencers together and continues to grow daily. Ehlers and the organization actively support different charities and families they find through social media monthly. With live programs on Da_Chad’s   social media accounts, they have raised funds consistently. Ehlers is known for inviting everyone in his Zoom meetings to dance for free as it gives them room to let loose, laugh, smile, and forget about the stress of the day. Ehlers gives without expecting anything in return. He tries to teach people to smile as it can elevate anyone’s day without them knowing they needed it.

Ehlers brings an incredible style of leadership to the movement. During Zoom meetings, he leads his group to use the expression of dance to build confidence. Ehlers has touched so many lives with his talents, genuine charm, loyalty to the Chad change, and billion-dollar smile.

It took a personal tragedy for the influencer to create a space for triumph. Ehlers’s previous wife suffered from depression, and it got to the point where she decided to take her life one day. He would later remarry and find himself with another daughter. Following his divorce from his recent wife, Ehlers became a single father with a teenage daughter.

It was only on July 15, 2019, that he would discover his now two-year-old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. She is currently fighting cancer, and Ehlers has been actively working to show people that their past or even present situation shouldn’t define them. He wants people to know that it’s what they actively do for another individual’s future that defines them as a person.

Ehlers foresees growth for ChadChange to become a more prominent foundation in the years to come. While that happens, he wants to continue influencing with his daughters as they spread positivity, smiles, and using the power of music and dance to inspire.

To get an update on Da_Chad’s life, you may follow him on TikTok and Instagram (its_da_chad). He also runs a personal website.

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