Chalet Lizette Brannan on How She Copes with Stardom at a Young Age

For many child actors, international renown can be too much pressure. By adulthood, many of these young actors have fallen into bad habits or have left the industry completely. Fifteen-year-old Chalet Lizette Brannan has already gained substantial notoriety for her roles in dozens of television series, movies, and shorts. She is currently preparing for a role in Star Trek: Renegades in which she plays the role of Shane Rallent. Already, she is setting the stage for a long career ahead. But none of this would be possible if Brannan hadn’t developed ways to cope with stardom throughout her childhood.

In For Nothing, Brannan plays Kira Nivsky, a teenage girl who is trying to choose between being trained for the mafia or being a regular teenager. Brannan is already very experienced in balancing different lifestyles. For many young actors, integrating their real life and their on-screen roles can be difficult, if not impossible. One of the ways that Brannan deals with this issue is by embracing her position as a storyteller. Yes, she loves to sing and act, but doing those things day in and day out can be exhausting. Most teenagers don’t have full-time careers as Brannan does. By considering herself a storyteller, Brannan says she is able to completely immerse herself in the role, and take her audience members with her.

Brannan also relies on strong family support to cope with stardom. Many experts agree that strong parental figures can be very helpful to young stars. Her mother passed away when Brannan was younger. She was a Filipina immigrant that worked hard at Disney to provide Brannan with opportunities. Brannan’s father is a film producer who also is very supportive of Brannan’s career. Her older brother also works at Disney. According to Brannan, it’s nice to have a family that understands the film industry so well. It keeps her from feeling alone in her career.

But most importantly, Brannan deals with stardom by keeping a smile on her face. As a survivor of leukemia, Brannan is relentlessly positive. She is known for her lovely and warm smile. It helps her stay optimistic, even when she is working hard. Even though it can be difficult to be a teenage star, Brannan copes successfully with her stardom and has a bright future in films ahead.

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