Change the Way You Organize Your Desk or Office with Sky Shelves

Have you ever found your desk or office at home to get really messy and unorganized? I know I sure have and if you ask my wife, it’s something that usually happens on a daily occurrence. I’m not usually a messy person, but at times, my thoughts and ideas can get the best of me which end up taking over my workspace. Notebooks upon notebooks, mixed in with some notes, pens, and of course my computer

The fact that I primarily work from home makes my workspace some days be a table, the counter, couch, or at times my bed. I feel it’s important to stay organized, although it doesn’t always happen.

I’m always trying to find new products or habits to implement that help me with staying organized. Because after all your workspace is important and when you are organized and can find things easily, it definitely increases your productivity.

That is at least the case for me because if I have things organized and know where they are, I don’t spend precious time finding things when I need them. Plus it saves me a headache or two.

If you don’t find me writing an article like this one you are reading right now, you can usually find me building connections with others, or reading articles about new companies, ideas, trends, or the latest news in the business world.

A business I recently came across during my regular browsing online, which consists of several sites, I felt had to be written about. Mainly because after looking into their product and watching their videos, I knew they had a solution for me to help with staying more organized. While also helping boost my productivity.

This business was called Sky Shelves and what they do is provide an adaptable and customizable shelf solution. You can adjust the height of the shelves and actually customize it to the way that best fits the area you have to work with. No tools or screws are needed to assemble them and they can literally be used everywhere. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?

I loved their concept when I came across them because most of the time I find that there is rarely a solution to what I’m looking for when it comes to organizing my desk, or desks for that matter.

Most office or desk solutions you find online or at stores are generic. Lots of the time they don’t fit your solution, or you are stuck with whatever the store or company has to offer. Plus their selection of colors is usually black or white. Sky Shelves is innovating the way we organize our spaces at home and in the office.

The way I think about their product is that it’s similar to lego. Lego for adults, or home-based business owners like myself who work from home, looking to maximize the space they have. Because at times this can be crucial to maximizing our efficiency while working.

A business like Sky Shelves is unique because they have taken a common problem and provided a simple solution. Something that I think all of us can learn from, and at times can take for granted. Finding everyday problems and correcting them with simple and affordable solutions is a recipe for success in my mind.

It’s not the only way to build and start a business, but it’s an effective way. Something you should definitely take note of.

I challenge everyone reading this to think of a way you can innovate or change a process or problem you and your peers experience on a day-to-day basis. By doing this, you will have an idea for a business, and when you have a good idea it’s up to you to take action on it.

When you take action on a good idea its one of the best feelings in the world. So stop dwelling on if you should do this or that, and just do it period. Make mistakes, learn from it, and keep getting better.

This is what the team at Sky Shelves has done which has allowed them to successfully crowdfund their amazing product and solution. To support their campaign, please head to their page here.

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