Changing Perspective in Life Can Lead to Success

As a society, we are currently living in times where people are able to voice their opinions and make a change in their chosen profession. Being a woman in the Entertainment industry has not always been an easy road. My voice hasn’t always been heard, but I’ve strived to go against the grain and teach people that they create any opportunity they desire. I had to learn to how to change my attitude and look at things from another angle. However, it is not always easy to change your mindset when so many things seem to be standing in your way: finances, negative thoughts, people that we have in our lives that may be hindering our growth, etc. Realizing that we need to shift our attitudes to adapt to the current situation that we are enduring will allow for our growth. We all have choices in the way we choose to react. Choose positivity.

If there was one person that I have had the honor of interviewing that displayed such a profound attitude, it was Adam Farfan. I spent some time to really get to know Adam, who is a financial expert and guru. His clients are Entertainment/film industry Celebrities, Pro Athletes, Non-Profit Organizations, 500 Inc CEOs, Forbes-Rated companies, and the list goes on. While everyone can see his success now, it was not an easy road that he had to travel. Having helped a countless number of people in all parts of the industry, he is now focusing his efforts towards empowering women who want to get into the financial world.

Adam’s life wasn’t easy. At the age of 8,  he was kidnapped for ransom and taken to Colombia. The feeling of being out of control and helpless was burned into him at a young age – but, rather than allowing the trauma of that experience to cripple him with fear, he used it as fuel to empower him for a greater purpose. Today, his experience of being kidnapped, and then coming home has inspired him to help other people in desperate situations, especially women.

He also learned the power of mentorship. At the age of 18, he spent a great deal of time with a multi-millionaire, who specialized in finance and taught him the importance of understanding how to create abundance for oneself. This shifted his attitude to teach other people how to go about fulfilling this. Through finance, he was able to create three successful companies and gain 18 credentials in the field. As time went on, Adam gained experience in the finance world, where he saw the lack of respect towards women and how they were treated.

Adam had to take the tough experience that he endured in his past and recenter his life mission on helping others, specifically women. Being a man who grew up with a house of women, it allowed him to put himself in a different perspective and show women that they, too, could have the ability to have the successes and growth in an overly saturated industry with men. Through that, he created his new company, Wealth Advisors, that focuses on giving females the platform in the public speaking business in the financial business world.

As I continued to speak with Adam about this, he said to me, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” He’s taught women to really apply this to their ventures. The way that you portray yourself to the public says a lot about your character. If you think highly of yourself in an industry but know when to humble yourself, people will have more respect for you. Be motivated by people; not money. Money will come as you grow into the person that you need to become. Giving women the platform to empower themselves and not having to rely on men to provide is the new mantra of our age. We begin this empowerment through our voices, and that’s exactly what Adam has succeeded at creating.

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