Characteristics of Good Poetry in the Opinion of Agha Noor Delsooz

Distinctive features of a glorious poem –

1. A good poem should have a dual relationship:

A) The relationship of poetry with the poet himself and within the poet

B) The relationship of poetry with the audience and the reader

The relationship between poetry and the poet means that his poetry comes from the heart and, first of all, he looks at his work as an audience and has a relative satisfaction. If this happens, we can hope for the realization of the second case, that is, the relationship between the poem and the audience, but if the poet himself can not look positively at his poem and finds the poem lacking the ability to communicate with himself, he will certainly fail to communicate with his audience.

2 – A good poem is a poem that is written with thought, not by thinking !!

At first you may think that both of the above are the same, while they are very different. A good poem is a poem that is initiated by the poet’s feeling and inspiration. And when composing it, he did not neglect to think in words and meanings, on the other hand Poetry should not be born with the pressure of pure thought that if this happens, both the poet and his audience will feel that the poem has not been produced as it should be.

3 – The use of words in a poem: In other words, the use of simple, fluent and modern words that communicate with the mind of the audience. In contrast to this concept is the use of unused words that lead the audience to hypertext references to understand it, ie the audience must refer to dictionaries and the like to fully understand the poem, which is often not done by the audience. This is not fully understood, which ultimately frustrates the audience.

4 – The virginity of words in poetry: The use of words that are used daily by all of us, but they are not used in poetry or have received less attention, and if they are used by a good poet, it creates excitement in the audience. Which makes him read the poem many times, in contrast to this concept, the inclusion of clichéd words in the poem that using such words makes the poem appear repetitive in the mind of the audience and basically the audience is not happy to read it and It’s very easy to get through.

5 – Equality in the meanings of a poem from beginning to end: In other words, the poem should not rise and fall in the path of its formation, for example, be informed and the beginning of the poem is pleasant and graceful, but then the poet, for various reasons can not the beauty of his poem To maintain it and to give it to boredom and to be convinced of the weak concepts in his poem, so if the poet feels that his poem has lost its meaning, he should give himself a chance and re-edit his poem at another time. .

“True poetry must be told to the world and left a memory for the world. Do not listen to any poem that does not move you. Throw away any poem that does not make you laugh or cry.

Ignore any order that does not give you one or more good things. Do not recite poetry in vain so as not to be moved by an emotion and feeling.

First think about what makes you write poetry, do you love someone, do you hate someone, are you oppressed, poor, brave and want to console, do you complain, are you grateful, do you remember something new or a beautiful story, a wise point and Have you considered a good and accurate philosophy?

What is it that wants you and your nature to show yourself to people in the costume of a verse or a few poems?

Whatever it is, arrange or write it in prose with as much thought, intellect, and taste as you have, without exaggeration and with truth and sincerity.

A poet is to be a poet at birth. Poetry cannot be recited by force of science and consequence. Imitating the words and expressions of the elders and stealing the different meanings and themes of the people and combining them together is an ugly and unworthy act and it cannot be called poetry.

One who has no temperament, one who has not been a poet since childhood, one whose morals are no higher and nobler than the people of his day, and finally one who does not have emotion and feeling, a shocking emotion, can not be a poet.

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