Meet Charisse Yu – A True Foodie Who Left the TV World to Become a Full-Time Mom and Food Blogger

Successful blogger Charisse Yu has previously worked for networks such as ABC, CBS, and was an affiliate at CNN. Her time in television has awarded her a nomination for an Emmy award.

After a decade in the business, Charisse made the decision to leave the TV world behind and took the big leap into blogging. She didn’t just start blogging about anything. Instead, she looked into what she was really passionate about in life and began writing about that. For her, it was food.

Yu is a mother of two boys. During the global pandemic, she is bringing a sense of normalcy to her children’s lives through food. This is especially important during our current state of instability. During these past months, she got to finally cook all of the delicious recipes she had been sitting on for years.

Charisse comes from a long line of culinary gurus. Getting into cooking and sharing recipes online was a way for those great meals to live on indefinitely. Now that she boasts a following of nearly 400,000 people on her Instagram page, as well as over a million monthly viewers to her Pinterest page, she can safely say that those recipes will live on for as long as the internet is around.

While she used to focus more on making meals that were geared toward toddlers, she now cooks meals for the whole family. Whatever she and her husband eat, her children also eat. Everyone in her household loves her cooking. That’s because she makes everything simple, healthy, and delicious.

How does she get her kids to eat healthily when it’s notoriously challenging to get children to do so? If you’re a parent, you may be scratching your head on this one. Well, she has figured out how to cleverly hide veggies in foods that know and love, like meatballs. Nobody’s the wiser if you grind up meatballs with a little bit of spinach in them!

All of her recipes include easy-to-follow instructions that are almost foolproof. It’s no wonder that she has gained such an impressive online following. No matter what meal it is, Charisse has something tasty, simple, and healthy to offer.

While food blogging is her main focus, she does also stray into other areas of life, including self-care, travel, and inspirational content. Charisse wants to keep evolving as a blogger, and branching out into being more of a lifestyle influencer role is something she has been dipping her toes into.

Charisse has plenty to share, so head on over to her social media pages on Instagram and Pinterest, as well as checking up on her blog, to get the latest delicious and inspiring content from her.

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