Charitable Companies: The Rising Brand Brothers4change

No longer do consumers want a product, no matter the cost. Increasingly, ethically-conscious customers are supporting charitable companies that give back. Whether it be planting trees or helping the homeless, ethical brands are on the rise.

But there’s one brand that’s going one step further.

Brothers4Change isn’t another everyday online retailer. It’s a one-stop shop for everything from sofas to gaming headphones, vacuum cleaners to bikes. Not only do they sell high-quality products at a reasonable price, but 10% of every sale’s profit goes towards making education more accessible in developing countries.

That’s a truly remarkable commitment.

How Brothers4Change began

The brainchild of two brothers: Brothers4Change seeks to revolutionize charitable retail. Saddened by the poverty they saw on holiday in Soweto, South Africa, the brothers pledged to make helping others easier than ever.

The solution was to connect shopping with charity.

Unlike other retailers, where the line between profit and donation is blurred, Brothers4Change keeps things simple. The charitable portion of each purchase is automatically placed into a separate bank account, used exclusively for educational purposes. There’s no blurred line. Every penny and cent goes to helping those most in need.

As the brand’s slogan clearly states:

“Helping others made easy”

How it works

But Brothers4Change isn’t expecting customers to purchase their products exclusively for charitable reasons. The company is also dedicated to high-quality customer service. That means all products come with a 1–5-year guarantee and free returns. So, if you’re not satisfied, expect a full refund.

Few other charitable companies offer such benefits. But Brothers4Change remains committed to its mission without sacrificing the customer experience. It’s what makes them unique.

Nor is their ambition confined to a single product.

At, customers can choose from a truly vast array of products. The store’s product selection includes electronics, sports, home and garden, kitchen and gourmet, transport, health, and more.

That’s a testament to their promise to make helping others easier. The more products available, the more customers can shop ethically. The result: better educational opportunities for those most in need.

Where does the money go?

There are three primary ways Brothers4Change supports education:

  1. By constructing new school buildings
  2. By acquiring water filters to provide daily clean water to students
  3. By providing solar-power lights so that students can study even after sunset.

Together, Brothers4Change can make an impact where it counts most. But it can’t do so without customer support.


Change is never free – two brothers understood that. But that shouldn’t stop those who want to help from doing so. With every purchase, you can make a difference. As you help yourself, you can help others too with the greatest gift of all: education.

As Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

All it costs is the price of a product. That’s the beauty of Brothers4Change.

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