Chicago Designer Stevie Edwards and Actress LisaRaye Take Over NYC Times Square With His Logo Collection

To say that Stevie Edwards was born to be a fashion icon is an understatement as Chicago’s favorite African-American fashion designer never fails to surprise fans and fashion enthusiasts alike with his extraordinary ideas and a keen eye for stunning pieces. If there is one thing that fashion enthusiasts can be sure of about Stevie in the coming years, it is that he will not disappoint when it comes to elevating his personal brand and showcasing his remarkable sense of style. 

Stevie made another historic achievement in the October 2020 edition of Vogue Magazine for being the first African-American local designer from Chicago to be featured in a full-page ad alongside his stunning collection. His Vogue Magazine project proved to be a groundbreaking feat since not a single African-American designer was featured since the time of Willi Smith, Patrick Nelly, and Stephen Burrows, who dominated the local fashion scene in the ’80s. 

In this season in his life, Stevie is rising with an undeniable amount of support from fabulous personalities he has had the privilege of dressing, including Diana Ross, Tiffany Haddish, Jody Watley, Sparkle, LisaRaye, Terisa Griffin, Claudia Jordan, Billie Woodruff, and D’Angelo, among others. His many years of working diligently and tirelessly with some of the fashion industry’s most notable names, such as Keith Kendall, Barbara Bates, and the late Reginald Thomas, has finally paid off as he begins to carve out his own legacy in the business. 

His first accomplishment in fashion happened while he was attending the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago, where he gathered several awards during the annual college student fashion show. As can be expected of Stevie, his works stood out among the rest enough to catch the attention of fashion icon Eunice Johnson, who also happened to be the founder of Ebony/Jet and Fashion Fair. Without blinking an eye, Johnson bought Stevie’s leather evening dress collection and showcased it in her International Ebony Fashion Fair Show around the world. Stevie is forever grateful to Eunice Johnson for giving his fashion career the perfect jumpstart. 

The next highlight of Stevie’s career happened when he was invited to the Oprah Winfrey Show, where his designs were featured. At that time, Ebony Magazine labeled him “a Black designer on the rise.” Indeed, his rise to fame and recognition was unstoppable, and he was featured in major publications for it, including Vogue, WWD, GQ, The Miami Herald, The Chicago Defender, Harper’s Bazaar, Chicago Social, The Hyde Park Herald, and CIE Fashion Magazine. 

Best known for his sexy and cutting-edge clothing line for upscale and stunning women, Stevie took the leap of faith and launched his brand, I Luv Stevie, in 2008. His glamorous clothes have been showcased at the Urban Fashion Week in Miami, Black Fashion Week in Chicago, and the New York Fashion Week, where his women’s spring and summer collection 2018 made an unforgettable debut. 

In September 2021 Stevie will be showing his Collection at NYFW now that Fashion is Back and the runway shows will resume. He is also shooting Actress Lisa Raye, his muse in a fashion ad to be featured in the September issue of Vanity Fair.

To get updates and learn more about Stevie’s Collection. Visit him on his website and all social media platforms. Follow him on Instagram (@steviethedesigner), Facebook, and Twitter (@stevieedwards). Photo by Karl Ray.

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