ChiChi the Eternal: Redefining the Landscape of Rap Music

Music is a universal language transcending cultural barriers to produce a kind of pleasure that human nature cannot do without. Many people listen to music in their daily lives without truly grasping its importance. For Chichi the Eternal, he recognizes music as the light of the human soul, the jumble of keys and sweet tunes illuminating the path to human spirituality and emotions.

Formerly known as ChiChi The Kid, ChiChi the Eternal is a rapper born in 1040 A.D as Chieme Amobi. Having witnessed the literary genius of past and present rap artists and musicians, ChiChi the Eternal is a visionary who came out of hibernation to save the rap game from corrupt conglomerates who want to destroy it.

For over a thousand years, Chichi the Eternal watched the acclaimed plays by William Shakespeare, closely interacted with the once-in-a-lifetime talent of late Michael Jackson and witnessed Lil Wayne’s genius redefine rap by creating the most outstanding raps in hip-hop history right in the booth with no pen. Taking a cue from these geniuses, ChiChi is inspired to uphold their legacy and the legacy of his earthly father, late Emmanuel Amobi. He is now on the path to creating his success story, becoming prominent in his field, and leaving a legacy worth emulating.

For the last twenty years, ChiChi the Eternal has devoted himself to the small yet violent city of Richmond, Virginia. He has immersed himself in the history and the rich cultural heritage of one of the first prominent cities in the south. His combined passion for music, street savviness and scholarly background make him a triple threat as he expertly crafts tales and verses of rap that entices the casual listener’s ears.

Using his talent and brilliant mind as a footstool to create unique raps, ChiChi creates sound  that is instantly recognizable even when blended with the autotune melodies, a distinctive feat that set him apart from run-of-the-mill rap songs that rule the hip-hop landscape today. He is greatly influenced by great musicians he has accosted through his centuries of living, such as Beethoven, Micheal Jackson, Thomas Tallis, Tupac Shakur, Kurt Cobain, Lil Wayne, and many more.

With an undying passion for saving the rap game from obscurity, ChiChi’s love for music shines through. He exudes a mysterious and appealing aura and inspires others to be relentless in pursuing their dream. ChiChi the Eternal is helping his group of compiled artists, Heirborne Spacesuit and Relly, The Emcee, best known as the Young Richmond Outcasts, change the cultural heartbeat of music like the 1960 rock band, The Beatles. He is also helping his ultra-talented brother, Chino Amobi redefine fashion by creating a high fashion clothing brand.

As ChiChi the Eternal becomes more aware of life, he wants his listeners to be vigilant of what is to come. He implores them to watch out for his music video titled  “Choppa or Better.” According to him, the music video will redefine rap and change the landscape of rap videos forever.

To learn more about ChiChi the Eternal and his unique rap style, visit his official website.


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