Your Inner Child Knows the Answer

The Disney movie Moana is a story within a story. While the surface story is about a young woman finding herself and saving her village, the secondary story speaks to all human suffering.

Maui is a character who, when younger, took the heart of Te Fiti, animated as a fiery demon. While Moanna’s journey is about finding Maui to convince him to return the stolen heart to Te Fiti, the real issue of human suffering centers around Te Fiti herself.

Te Fiti had her heart taken, which equates pain, suffering, betrayal, or whatever term you use to describe the feeling when someone hurts you deeply. As a result, she turned into a crazed fiery dragon type creature that lashes out at anyone who comes near her. Once Maui returns the heart to Te Fiti, she instantly transforms back to a spiritually grounded, loving and caring woman who is connected to the Earth and filled with the ability to create beauty and magic.

This might sound familiar…

When we get hurt and don’t feel safe, or feel betrayed, we are not living as our true selves. We are reactive and angry, and as a result, transform into someone who is guarded and fearful. We protect ourselves from getting hurt by lashing out and being aggressive, which in truth means using anger, force or avoidance to remain isolated and in that space of hurt. That’s why you know, yes you, that you are seeking your true self, a person who wants to just let their guard down, relax, and love. You create a lifetime of angst trying to get back to the place where you began; innocence, willingness, openness, trusting, and loving.

It’s Time to Find Yourself Once Again

Take a moment to reflect:

  • Where did the pain and suffering begin? With your parents, a boy/girlfriend, a friend?
  • With the knowledge that your heart was never taken, and that you’re the only person who can restore it, what will it take for you to get your heart back and relax into the being you truly are?

Wrap your head around one important thought before continuing: No one can take anything from you.

You reacted to a situation and created your own personal rules to ensure that you don’t get hurt again. Smart cookie! This served you well at the time, but do those rules still serve you today? The problem is, if you don’t take steps to break the rules you created, you also aren’t able to fully love and be yourself again. So which is it? A lifetime of love with the possibility of getting hurt again? Or the 100% definitive suffering of pain without the opportunity to be loved?

The Solution

No matter how difficult it might seem, you have to thank the person or people who hurt you. Why? Because you are the one suffering! You are the one creating your own story about pain.

Be Courageous. 

Ask yourself, what has this person/situation given you? What gift? Has it made you stronger? Has it made you wiser and smarter in your decision-making? Has it helped you avoid a worse situation? As a result of your pain, who else have you been able to help?

Know, see, and feel the truth—there was a gift given to you!

Gifts are not always roses and sunshine, they can include thorns and sunburns. So you got pricked by a thorn? Now you’ve learned how to hold a rose properly! Got burned? Now you know to use sunblock. The pain is what taught you. Be thankful and move forward. You heal yourself by appreciating your experiences. Now that you are already thinking about this, you’ve begun the healing process. Be thankful and, like Te Fiti, you will relax, you will love, and you will naturally heal the world around you.

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