Chintan Jain and his ‘Frame per second’

Wildlife photographers have taken somewhere between 1 second to 27 years to capture their perfect shot; and trust us, it’s always worth it. The art of wildlife photography can only be learned and pursued by the passionate and patient ones.

Chintan Jain, a fellow wildlife photographer has spent almost 12 years mastering these techniques, educating himself through his vast experiences and love for nature.

It’s this elusive diversion of beauty that makes wildlife photography both challenging and gratifying. Timing is everything here, in a blink of an eye the tiger will pace away or a bird will lose its calmness. 

There is a fair amount of study involved to be a master, a study about the behavior and the habitat of the beautiful creature he wants to capture along with the study of the technical equipment he uses to do so. The speed and focus, or the technical terms i.e. aperture and shutter speed, when combined with the right timing has been the key for him to have captured such magnificent pictures of many animals. 

There are many elements in play here – daylight, weather, season, speculative environmental conditions, etc. that have to be kept in mind while building the perfect frame. Every frame tells a different story and if you sit with Chintan, he can go on and on about how the tiger saw something or how a chirp of the bird makes his eyes roll a certain way and the whole essence of the frame is shifted. 

Learning these technical skills is somewhat rather easy with the right lessons but to be able to move with every moment of the subject and harness its beauty is the art Chintan Jain is widely known for. He even suggests the internet as a research tool, to greatly increase your chances of securing the subject’s true beauty as most opportunities last only for a few seconds in the wilderness. 

All in all, with a combination of study, correct gear, and timing we can be sure to come home with an abundance of photographs that will depict our experience through a pictorial story. In the famous words of Biju Karakkonam, Nature and Wildlife Photographer – “Only a Photographer can stop the time. Just by one click.”

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