Chocotastery: The Best Guide to Explore the Rich World of Chocolate

Of all the sweet treats ever invented by man, chocolate stands as an undisputed favorite for people of all ages from all walks of life. A humble bar of chocolate can lead to so many possibilities. Just as it takes a highly skilled chocolate maker to craft an irresistible chocolate bar, it also takes an educated palette for one to enjoy chocolate fully. Thanks to Chocotastery, people get to indulge in chocolate better with a deeper appreciation and understanding of the science behind the well-loved delight.

Chocotastery was founded in April 2018 by chocolate sommelier Glenn Petriello of Hoboken, New Jersey. Before building the company, Glenn was known for crafting his own bean-to-bar chocolate and confections and creating chocolate for Indi Chocolate. The founder graduated from cacao and chocolate related courses at Ecole Chocolat, Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute, International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting, International Culinary Center, and the Institute of Culinary Education.

“My passion for chocolate had culminated in 2009 when I decided to start learning how to make chocolate truffles. I then went on to learn the bean-to-bar process in 2015, starting my own bean-to-bar operation in my first apartment in Hoboken, NJ. I then was asked to be the head chocolate maker at a friend’s chocolate company in Seattle, WA,” shared Glenn. “After seven or so months, I decided to move back to NJ, and with all of the experience that I had as a chocolatier, chocolate maker, and chocolate educator, I wanted to share my passion, knowledge and experience with all those who love chocolate,” he added. 

Combining his knowledge from chocolate and cacao-focused classes with real-life professional experience, Glenn wanted to share his passion with others by educating them about chocolate. Knowing that the love for the treat is shared by everyone worldwide, the sommelier sought to make the Chocotastery experience inclusive to everyone. 

Chocotastery is the ultimate destination for individuals and groups for chocolate education carried through an immersive chocolate tasting experience. The company seeks to deepen its clients’ love and enjoyment for craft chocolate by holding 2-hour virtual chocolate tastings on its platform. At any moment, anywhere in the world, people can participate in the tasting, bringing nothing but their curiosity and eagerness to learn more about chocolate.

The virtual chocolate tasting event provides an engaging blended learning experience on chocolate fundamentals, where chocolate comes from, and how it is made. “During our virtual chocolate tastings, we highlight four cacao producing origins from craft chocolate makers to give our customers a unique experience of learning about and trying chocolate from four different makers, which allows them to get four different interpretations of chocolate,” shared the CEO. 

Chocotastery also crafted its own chocolate tasting resources for its clients, a guide that would encourage and engage them through a fun and approachable way of learning. With the company’s chocolate tasting guide and sheet, people get to evaluate chocolate bars comprehensively, compare them with others, and take note of what piqued their palettes the most.

Additionally, Chocotastery collaborates with chocolate makers and organizations worldwide to raise more awareness of different cacao producing regions, their farmers, cacao producers and the chocolate makers who make the chocolate. Amid the pandemic, the company has continually advanced its mission to educate the world by joining the Stay Home With Chocolate Festival in March 2020. After partaking in the virtual global event, Chocotastery was able to tap into and attract more chocolate lovers who are interested in learning more about chocolate, be it individuals, families, or even corporations.

Chocolate has provided great comfort and joy for people, especially amid trying times. Chocoatstery is nurturing and deepening people’s love for chocolate with its innovative virtual activities, and it will truly create an impact on the global chocolate community. Learn more about the company on its website.

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