Choosing the Best Materials for Custom Lawn Signs

When you plan for outdoor signage like lawn signs, one should ensure that it is made of good quality materials that will withstand the inclement weather tests. Various materials are used for lawn signage, which can effectively resist heat, rainwater, dust, wind, UV rays etc. Further, we will discuss some popular lawn sign materials to consider.

Best materials for outdoor lawn signs

Before you go ahead and purchase, have an idea about what type of signage needs you have and which material may be ideal for serving this purpose. The best lawn sign makers will offer you various options to meet your signage needs.

  1. Aluminum

Aluminum is a very popular and strong material for small outdoor signages like law signs. It is very lightweight and also highly affordable. Aluminum remains strong for a longer period and is also affordable. Some common aluminum varieties used for lawn signs are:

  • The thickness of 0.04 gauge, which is ideal for political signs and real-estate signage etc.
  • The thickness of .080 gauge, which can be ideal to be used as street-side lawn signs etc.
  • The thickest in aluminum is 0.125-gauge, which can be used as comparatively bigger and heavy-duty signage.
  1. Vinyl

Outdoor signs made of vinyl are very popular as this material is highly flexible and inexpensive too. You can easily transform and cheaply maintain vinyl lawn signs. However, vinyl may not last long as that of aluminum but can act as an excellent advertising tool to announcing your upcoming sale or grab attention to your retail office. Vinyl is also ideal for real-estate and political signage etc. For campaigns that may last less than a year or so, vinyl is the best budget-friendly choice to serve your purposes.

  1. Dibond

Many users lately consider Dibond as a perfect material for making lawn signs. Dibond is actually a plastic core material, which is highly strong and durable. Unlike normal plastic signage, Dibond features an aluminum surface that is water-resistant and also very attractive.

It is easy to directly cut the Dibond in any possible size and shape as you think. However, it may cost a little more than aluminum on being ten times stronger. You can purchase it in bulk at a cheaper cost for wholesale yard signs for special occasions.

  1. Dura-Wood

If you are looking for a more classy and retro material for outdoor signage, then dura-wood is a good choice. It looks exactly like wood and gives a perfect feel to it. But unlike wood, dura-wood is water-resistant and can also withstand the test of harsh weather conditions on being used as outdoor signage. It is possible to customize dura-wood signs in any shape.

  1. Polyester

Polyester is commonly used as outdoor signages like feather flags. These can withstand environmental harm and last for months or years based on the conditions. Polyester is also a very flexible material and easy to print on it.

While choosing material for outdoor lawn signage, make sure that it is waterproof and weatherproof. You may do a thorough analysis of the space restrictions, dimensions, and durability needs of the lawn sign to choose an appropriate material and go ahead with printing.


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