Choosing the Best Promotional Tent for Your Brand

Selecting a promotional canopy is as important as coming up with the right advertising copy for your marketing campaigns. There are several styles of personalized canopy tents to choose from. Many different factors play a role in determining what tent is best suited to your brand and the event you’re participating in. 

Custom printed tents are a staple for most branding and networking events. When done right, a promotional tent not only makes your brand the showstopper of any event, but also helps you find valuable new leads. In this guide, we shall discuss the different kinds of custom event tents, their advantages and their few disadvantages.

  1. Instant canopy tents

Also known as pop-up tents, the instant canopy tents require no assembly at all. These are relatively lightweight and quite the popular choice as an event tent. Their affordable prices and standardized sizes make them well-suited for a number of different events. A pop-up promotional canopy is ideal for brands that regularly attend community events, job fairs and outdoor tradeshows. 

Benefits of instant custom event tents

There’s a reason why a pop-up promotional tent appears again and again at networking events. These rectangular and square promotional canopy tents allow brands to work together closely in limited spaces. This way, businesses can showcase themselves easily while giving event managers a streamlined event flow. 

If your business frequently appears at local community events, these personalized canopy tents might be the right choice for you.

Features of an instant promotional tent

  • Price: Instant canopies are among the most affordable marketing tent options. They are great for brands that are trying to get the most out of their limited promotional budget.
  • Standard sizes: Local events are designed with pop-up tents in mind. Most community events expect you to set up 10×10 or 10×20 tents. These are standard sizes and you will find a lot of options from multiple vendors. 
  • Popular choice: You participate in a community event to find and network with like-minded entrepreneurs and customers. You definitely don’t want to be the odd-one-out. Using an instant promotional canopy helps you meet the expectation of visitors at the event. It also puts your business in a positive light.

Disadvantages of instant canopies

While standardized sizes do have their advantages, there’s only so much you can do with the appearance of these canopies. For instance, if you’re going to participate in a larger, international event, it’s best to go with a 13×26 branded tent rather than a 10×10 pop-up tent. Since everyone’s buying these tents, you might be at a disadvantage if your goal is to stand out.

  1. Custom arch tents

Arch tents are at the intersection of showmanship and in-budget event setups. Available in a variety of designs and styles, arch tents add the WOW factor to your event booth – guaranteed to make the floor visitors stop and take notice.

The most striking thing about an arch tent is its dome-like shape with five asides. These create a dynamic and contrasting look against the regular event canopies. The rooftop of these tents consists of an aesthetically pleasing and functional peak which joins as separate module. Most arch tents come with an awning system that forms a curve around each leg for creating an elegant entry and exit.

Benefits of arch canopies

If you spend most of your time on the road to participate in events or find yourself setting up your booth for tradeshows, you will absolutely love the flexibility that comes with arch tents. They are easy to use, convenient to store and lightweight to transport. Plus, they come with an array of customization options that allow you to tailor them as per your brand’s requirements.

Features of an arch tent

  • Ease of setup: Arch tents are fairly easy to set up. Only one person is required for erecting the tent. They’re also easy to dismantle.
  • The WOW effect: Nothing else will make your booth stand out like an arch tent. They have a unique appearance and are a class apart from regular tents.
  • Flexibility in sizes: You can buy these tents in all standard sizes as well as opt for bespoke measurements to fit your business needs.

Disadvantages of arch tents

Setting up an arch tent in regions of high winds can be a bit tricky. The higher the dome, the more wind it will catch. This might cause the tent to become unstable, especially if it is not anchored properly to the ground.

  1. Inflatable custom event tents

Inflatable tents are innovative shade and branding solutions that are popular for their unique look and ease of setup. These tents come with air blowers that make setup really easy and fun.

Inflatable tents are not just an impressive sight, they’re also heavy-duty, high-pressure, compact and lightweight. You will often find inflatable tents at sports events, auto expos and hi-tec exhibitions and conferences.

Benefits of inflatable canopies

Bye-bye tacky setup equipment!

Inflatable tents don’t require a ten-person crew, digging equipment and expensive vehicle rental to be carried to the event site. All you need to carry is the air blower and your tent – and you’re set to rock any event.

Features of inflatable canopies

  • Convenient setup: Inflatable tents come with air blowers that take care of half the setup for you. Only one person is required to man the tent up and supervise the inflation. However, as far as custom tents go, setups are relatively hands-off with inflatable canopies.
  • Highlight of the event: Because of their unique appearance, inflatable tents are bound to capture the eyes of onlookers and make your booth the center of attention.
  • Bespoke designs: Inflatable tents can be manufactured in any design, size and style. All you need to do is share your requirements with your vendor.

Disadvantages of inflatable tents

While most custom event tents can be set up in rain and sun, setting up an inflatable tent during the rainy weather is a little tricky. Since you need to use an air blower to up the canopy, the setup may not work in rain.

Plus, you need to connect the air blower to an electrical socket. Most event sites offer electricity but if this is not the case, your tent cannot be set up. Based on your particular branding requirements, the inflatable tents could be more steeply priced than other personalized canopy tents.

  1. Star promotional canopy tents

You’ve likely seen star-shaped tents at massive events that have a lot of space to move around. By far, these are the biggest show-stoppers in the world of personalized canopy tents. Whether you want to flatter your VIP guests in style or you want to make a statement at a zingy international event, these uniquely shaped custom event tents are the ultimate branding weapons in your arsenal.

Benefits of star tents

These dazzling canopies are perfect for large-scale outdoor events. Think charity galas, marathons and 5Ks, races and fairs. They can have a footprint as massive as 72ft by 45ft, giving your business tons of space to showcase your brand.

Features of a star-shaped promotional tent

  • Venue site for massive events: As mentioned above, custom star canopies have a huge footprint, making them ideal for larger commercial or cultural events.
  • Excellent marketing aids: Star canopies don’t just promote your brand at the eye level. With maximum area covered under the canvas fabric – both inside and outside – they are the best marketing collateral you could ever find.

Disadvantages of a star tent

While you can’t deny the appeal of star tents, they are a costly investment, which is why they may or may not fit within the budget of smaller businesses. Plus, owing to their considerable size and unique shape, these tents are more suited for outdoor events. If you frequently participate in events at convention halls and crowded gymnasiums, a star tent might not be the right promotional canopy for your brand.

Choosing the best custom tent for your brand

Buying a promotional canopy is a personal decision – one that should be made based on your business requirements, budget and the type of events you plan to participate in. Do take into account the standard practices in your industry but also be willing to push the envelope just a little to deliver the right mix of branding and business.

Good luck!

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