Choosing the Right Marketing Automation Agency: A Practical Guide

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Lead generation is essential for any business. And you might not have competent in-house resources to generate potential leads. So, it will help if you partner with a good marketing automation agency to generate leads. 

A good way of keeping marketing automation failures at bay is to think ahead of time. A future strategy will help set up realistic goals, which will help you select the right marketing automation agency. 

Focus on the right content. With such content, marketing automation can pull people down the funnel. The right content can influence prospects at the right time.  

Quality content marketing is one of the critical attributes of a good marketing automation company. 

Another aspect to note is–how good is your lead management system. Leads come from various sources–phone calls, email, forms, social media, and so on. At times, it can also happen that leads from the same firm come in from different channels. 

Therefore, you need the right tool and data management system, or else your salespeople will follow up the same lead. And that could be nothing different than losing a deal. Therefore, you should ensure that there is coordination among your sales team members. 

With the right marketing automation, you can exercise control over your sales team, boosting your sales rates.

In this article, we will discuss how to strike a partnership with the right marketing automation company. 

Traits of a Good Marketing Automation Agency

It is a prudent move to know the characteristics that make a good marketing automation agency beforehand. 

Typically, a good marketing automation agency bears the following characteristics:

A Specialization Area

Possession of an area of specialization is a potential indicator of quality. Usually, good marketing automation companies have a specialization area. 

In-house Experts

Marketing automation is a complex task. And that calls for a team of experts. Check whether your prospective marketing automation agency has experts with the skill-sets–lead generation, copywriting, content marketing, specific domain expertise (like SEO), funnel design, and lead nurturing.

Offer Related Services

It is wrong to expect marketing automation as a unidirectional process. However, it can elicit good results if it fits into other marketing channels. Therefore, look for agencies that have experience beyond automation. 

Customer Portfolio

Client portfolios indicate experiences. So, look for a client portfolio in your prospective marketing automation agency. Besides, look for customer testimonials, which show how its customers felt about its services.

Company Culture

The culture of your prospective marketing automation agency is essential. So, choose an agency that has a similar culture as that of your company. 

Partnering With a Marketing Automation Company

Now, let us walk through the steps of partnering with a marketing automation agency:

#1. Fill Up the Enquiry Form

It is the first step of the partnership. Filling up the enquiry form is also a means to express interest in the services of the marketing automation agency. You can easily find the enquiry form on the agency’s website. 

#2. Expect a Call

After you have filled the enquiry form, you should wait for a call from the agency. Select the agency if they make a long call to understand your business thoroughly.

Marketing automation is at the core of your lead funnel, and it influences every campaign and department of your company. So, it is challenging to figure that out from the outside. Therefore, a good marketing automation company will talk to you for an extended period to figure out your position in the lead funnel. A proper understanding of your position in the lead funnel is necessary to assist you to attain your goals. 

#3. Share Recommendations

Good marketing automation agencies research the information you filled in the enquiry form and what you said during the call. The objective of the research is to gain clarity about your needs that will help them meet your needs. Usually, marketing automation companies share their recommendations via email or call up to discuss the matters with you. 

#4. Send Proposal or Work Contract 

After going through the recommendations, they will begin the partnering process with a proposal or contract if you accept the agency. It outlines the scope of work and the relevant terms and conditions of the partnership. Besides, it also outlines the costs involved in the partnership.

#5.Official Onboarding

Finally, it is the official onboarding process. But, you should develop a good understanding with the marketing automation agency to get the most out of the partnership. It might also happen that you need to rework your business strategy to develop a mutually workable environment. Ensure that both parties know their respective roles and responsibilities before the final onboarding.

The Assessment to Make Before Choosing a Marketing Automation Agency

Before you choose a marketing automation agency, there are a few assessments to make:

  • Assess you needs
  • Figure out whether you require implementation or optimization of your marketing automation tech stack
  • Determine if you encounter challenges in understanding your marketing touchpoints

The Final Words

You should carefully choose a marketing automation agency to achieve your goals. It will help if the agency can work with your tech stack. Partner with an agency that can work across marketing channels, make the entire marketing funnel work together, and speed up the marketing process for your company.

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