Chris Erthel: The Advertising Expert on His Ten Winning Formulas for Creatives

“Solopreneur” and Facebook performance marketing consultant Chris Erther is no stranger to scaling a brand’s reputation, regardless of which industry it belongs to, in the digital space, and turning engagement into quantifiable results. As a successful entrepreneur himself, Chris takes pride in sharing some of the world’s most prominent companies by leveraging social media platforms.

Straight out of school, Chris went to Barcelona, his dream city, and founded the sunglasses and watch a brand called Meller with three of his friends. The co-founder took the role of CMO and catapulted Meller’s success through innovative Facebook Ads. Within five years, the company was able to generate over €10 Mio/year in revenue. Besides financial growth, Meller was able to provide employment opportunities and partnerships in Barcelona.

Despite Meller’s success, Chris was driven by his desire to be among the top experts in the world. Therefore he broadened his horizons by working with prominent companies, developing strategies so they can make Facebook ads seamlessly work for them.

Since then, Chris has been pivotal to the success of over 80 companies, benefiting from his expertise in Facebook performance marketing. The expert has worked with industry leaders such as Desigual and Alpecin. Among his most notable and recent work is collaborating with the skincare company called HelloBody, presenting the brand to the global audience through social media. The project resulted in over €100 Mio/year in revenue for HelloBody, an astounding result within a year of strategic Facebook performance marketing. 

While there are other Facebook Ads gurus in the industry today, Chris proves that his strategy and expertise in ad-creatives set him apart from the rest of the pack. The consultant shares ten winning elements, guaranteed to make ad creatives effective in capturing audience attention:

  1. Have an element of surprise in a video ad within the first second.
  2. Use a frame/border around ad videos to give the video a different look from other social media posts. 
  3. Use discounts to entice buyers, like a limited-time offer for a particular season or holiday. 
  4. Use the pitch-play-plunge strategy, using different video lengths to promote a product. Pitch ads are usually between 4 and 10 seconds while play ads showcase products in a fun way, and plunge ads explain the product’s value.
  5. Use the heartbeat method by focusing on shifts and changes within the video ad for every 1.5 seconds in order to resemble the rhythm of the heartbeat.
  6. Use the top corner kick, which involves showing a picture in the video ad first and then folding the corner of the video like a book, which is usually unexpected by the audience.
  7. Show social proof to prove that the brand is already established in the market.
  8. Put a bold statement at the beginning of a video ad that highlights one of the product’s features. 
  9. Use customer testimonials as it is so much better and trustworthy if the customers do the appraisal of the products and not the company.
  10. Use subtitles in ads to reach audiences that often turn off their audio when watching ads.

Besides effectiveness, Chris gained the trust of his clients for his timely solutions. The consultant works closely with Facebook. Today, he uses the connections he made with the company to help his clients achieve their goals. Additionally, Chris is known for speaking at online marketing conferences across the country, such as iStack, AdWords, and more. 

Beyond profit, Chris uses his expertise to help non-profit organizations reach audiences across the globe to amplify their good cause. Chris led the ShareTheMeal campaign, an initiative of the United Nations, to fight hunger in Northeast Nigeria. By running attention-grabbing and engaging Facebook Ads, Chris and the ShareTheMeal team generated over 58,000,000 meals for the campaign, donated by various individuals and groups worldwide. 

Outside the office, Chris spends his time in Medellin with his charity called OneHumanity. He also enjoys doing breathwork sessions and meditation. Christ was born and raised in Munich, Germany, studied in Vienna, and currently resides in Barcelona, Spain. 

Learn more about Chris Erthel on his website and  Instagram.

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