Chris Fournier: From Professional Mascot to Social Influencer

28-year-old Chris Fournier finished college at Metropolitan State University (MSU) in Denver on a 4-year tuition scholarship as the school mascot. His journey started in high school when he auditioned and got accepted for the role. Chris found himself loving the experience that he sent an application to the Colorado Rapids Soccer Club to be their mascot. At the age of 18, he got in.

Fournier finished a degree of bachelor of arts in restaurant management. As a young child, he played competitive ice hockey for 13 years. While doing ice hockey, Fournier was also playing soccer at the same time. Besides being passionate about sports, he was also into music and theater since he was eight years old.

When he reached high school, he tried his luck and auditioned for the choir known as Meistersingers. Fournier was able to tour with them in Central Europe. He was also one of the lucky ones to sing with the Colorado Ambassadors of Music, which allowed him to enjoy a return to Europe to tour seven countries in the western and central parts.

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Besides his theater and musical appearances during high school and college, he worked in a restaurant for 15 years. His hardworking and dedicated nature helped him gain experience in both quick service and casual dining restaurants. It is safe to say that Fournier always put one foot in front of the other and kept going. 

His big break came on September 3, 2020, when he was invited to join Social Globe, a company that sells active lifestyle products, clothing, beauty products, medical products, energy drinks, and many more, through its roster of over 100,000 influencers. The business, owned by Marty Hale, boasts of activity with the world’s largest network of influencers, models, celebrities, photographers, and brands in over 40 countries. 

For clients, it offers 100% guaranteed paid partnerships with Social Globe’s reach of over a whopping one billion consumers. Through its ambassadors such as Fournier, Social Globe grows and boosts brands through its influencer network, content creation, and events.

At only 10 dollars a month, they allow client brands to access all the company’s internal features such as viewing commissions, brands, and posting and providing purchasable tickets for their exclusive and private events. 

Not just for brands, Social Globe also caters to those who dream of accessing its production studios, content creators, and mentors worldwide. The company is always on the lookout for bright personalities who can further its team of dedicated individuals.

Interestingly, persons over 18 years of age can work on a commission-based job remotely. They can choose from part-time to full-time positions. So as long as interested parties are determined to work, a productive working relationship can begin.

Aside from being an ambassador, Fournier also recently signed with DAN Talent Group through his agent Stephanie Beck Williams. DAN Talent Group’s headquarters is in Nashville, Tennessee. The agency is a faith-based talent agency that works with all types of models and actors from around the world, and they also work with different agencies around the world.

Fournier is also an advocate for charity work as he loves to give clothes and such back to the community and take care of the less fortunate however he can. He is currently a sponsor of a child in Ghana, and because of his generosity, the child is staying healthy. In the future, he would also like to start his own clothing company that would serve as another means for him to carry out his philanthropic efforts.

Fournier has had a passion for food since a very young age. Whenever he went out to eat with his parents, he would always ask to switch out different ingredients and or create his own dish to make it his own. He loves being able to create new dishes while out and or while being at home. He worked in the food service industry for close to 15 years, and his love and passion for food and the industry comes from his creative side. While traveling to Western and Central Europe during his music tours, he was able to get to try so many different cuisines. In college, he took a cooking class called Global Cuisine at Metropolitan State University of Denver and was able to learn and study many different types of culture cuisines from all around the world.

He was able to learn and cook different cuisines from all over for example from Spain to Germany to South Europe to Africa to Russia to Asia to Australia to South America to the Caribbean/Bahamas and even to the US, where they cooked various recipes with beer. He loves to incorporate beer into his recipes and also pair his recipes with different beers to help bring out different flavors from different types of cuisine. His love for food and his passion for food is unlimited, and anytime he gets a chance to try something new and also watch different cooking shows to learn about anything food related, he does. If there is any time in the future where he is able to travel the world and learn about different types of cuisine and try different types of cuisine, he will.

Fournier’s journey to becoming a social media influencer entailed grit, hard work, and a positive attitude. He may have encountered a few bumps along the way, but he always found a way to make the most of his situation. 

Learn more about Chris Fournier and how he made it all happen with Social Globe. Visit the social influencer on Instagram or through the company’s official website.

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