Chris Kostantewicz Of Ck Media, A Silicon Beach Entrepreneur & Marketing Maverick

Chris Kostantewicz, owner & CEO of CK Media, a Los Angeles based social media marketing company’s journey started with two particular key words “KNOWLEDGE” and “LAMBORGHINIS” coming to mind, Tai Lopez brought to light the concept of what an “SMMA” was and what it could be for the modern-day entrepreneur that wanted to make a living for themselves outside of the 9–5 grind. Whether you agree with his antics or not, he was a pioneer of this industry.

Nowadays the concept remains the same, but a lot has changed. Things aren’t nearly as simple. The competition is wild compared to 2015, and the global economic climate isn’t ideal for any business owner. Whether millions of people around the world were ready or not, our lives RADICALLY CHANGED this past year. Online business isn’t an option, it’s a requirement to see the end of 2021. “I can’t think of another time of my life I was more inspired to shut up and work because there’s no better option in my mind of things I would rather do with my day. The bigger my company gets, the harder I work. I’m so excited and privileged to live the life I do every single day because of the risks I took when I had nothing that ended up being EVERYTHING.” says Chris Kostantewicz.

Celebrity Giveaways Are the Perfect System To Grow On IG & Help Others

 Chris is one of the many entrepreneurs that discovered how you could leverage celebrity influencer marketing to grow your following on social media organically with ease and got in on the latest trends on Instagram: giveaways. Marketers like Chris are leveraging these influencer’s millions of followers to get their clients thousands of followers growing accounts to 100k or more countless times (check out his page on Instagram @chriskostantewicz) Marketing agencies like Chris’s Los Angeles based start-up ck media, and many others, are making HUGE commissions building followings for millions of people around the world whilst giving away a lot of money to the people who engage in the giveaways for their participation.

On average, ck media gets its clients into 5 different giveaways or more a month, each giving away an average of $5000 to $20,000 in prizes each to all celebrities fans who participate yielding his client’s thousands of followers. This year alone, conservatively it’s safe to say Chris has helped get at least a quarter of a million dollars to people who needed it around the world through his affiliation with agencies providing these prizes. Whilst helping others, ck media was able to generate nearly $250,000 in revenue in the past year under Chris’s leadership. A job Chris does entirely from his iPhone at all hours of the day.

A Passion For Perfection 

 Chris has clientele worth millions of dollars. High-net-worth business owners who often don’t have time for semantics or mistakes. “This has really lead to me having a cut-throat mentality in my work. Prior to starting the company in 2018, I was always working for other agencies and film industry clients which really demanded a high level of mental acuity and attention to detail. You couldn’t just walk into a meeting at Sony Pictures and misstep when you’re working with some of the brightest most competitive minds from around the world.” With that being said, this is what leads to CK media embracing this VIP-brand mentality.

Press Is The New SMMA

 “Get published in Yahoo! Finance in the next 24 hours” What pops up when people Google you has become the new resume. Can I trust this person with thousands of dollars and my time? It’s part of the social proof equation that determines whether or not someone buys from you or trusts the product. Sad but true. Beyond just celebrity marketing, Chris saw this huge need in the market displayed by clientele he happened to already have and work with regularly. Wouldn’t it be keen to offer both? Since then Chris has gotten countless clients published in Disrupt Magazine, California Herald, Yahoo! Finance, Forbes, and many more. He noticed one major thing most press agencies were lacking was that they weren’t full-service in nature, meaning they often hired help overseas to have articles completed for clients instead of doing the job the right way themselves. From that point on, everything was done in-house to ensure the best possible quality for his clients. This attention to detail leads to many high net worth individuals trusting Chris Kostantewicz as their go-to social media marketing guru. In 2021, he has gone heavy into advertising this service until it meets or surpasses the income generated from the celebrity marketing campaigns.

What’s Next For CK media in 2021? 

Chris’s goal is to become the go-to ‘plug’ for United States press with better margins and quality considering everything is done in-house. “I want to ramp up production and quality to the point where no one else in the industry can compete,” Chris says. “With that being said, really look to connect with potential clientele that would be interested in discussing building their social media presence with press & promotion services, in addition to agencies looking to work together and resell. I’d love to talk!” “I believe that slowing down when you’re ahead or making headway is literally the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make. Just because things are comfortable now, people think they don’t need to starve, they don’t work as hard. In fact, I think that’s when you need to give it everything you have. Maybe someday you won’t have to work as hard, or ever again.”

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