Chris Naghibi Is Intent on Building a Community-Focused Business Model to Revolutionize His Niche

Chris Naghibi sheds light on the importance of building a business model that focuses on the community in real-estate

The world of real estate has long been considered the Bermuda triangle of the soul. Whether it was ruthlessly harassing poor people for land or building an infrastructure headed for the tumble sooner than later, the world of real estate had done business out of deceit, lies, and false promises. Hopefully, that is about to change. Thanks to Christopher M Naghibi and his firm Black Crown Inc., he intends to build a community-focused real estate business.

As an entrepreneur, Naghibi is aware of his duty towards society. As someone who has made a mark for himself in today’s world, Naghibi is keen to give back to the world. He says, “Entrepreneurship in any form tanks when the masses don’t rally behind a good idea. A thing succeeds when people find it useful and when it makes a difference in their lives. An entrepreneur’s success is hardly one of his or her own making. It’s in honor of this idea that I aim to direct my business decisions.”

Talking about Americans in general, Naghibi says, “Americans are hard-working people. The American dream continues to inspire them. It isn’t fair that their ignorance about land, acquisition, property, etc., is taken for a ride anymore. I hope to protect and grow the assets of thousands of Americans and educate them about the process of owning real estate.”

Naghibi hopes to bring back the old ways. He wants to work with communities, know their needs and get their feedback to build something truly useful that will stand the test of time long after he’s gone. He says, “The world is a stage. It gives you the freedom to create what you will. I have begun to see that freedom as responsibility. I hope to do it justice via my community-based real-estate projects.”

We wish Chris Naghibi the very best in his refreshing and empathetic endeavor.


Written by Digital Nod

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