Christian Battin on Social Media: ‘Influencer Marketing is Undoubtedly The Future of Getting Your Brand in Front of Faces’

The success of influencer marketing is no longer a question. Brands are dishing out hundreds of millions of dollars to top influencers to integrate their products or services within their daily content.

Meet Christian Battin, a viral TikTok sensation, YouTuber and business owner. Christian has accumulated a whopping 1.2 million followers on TikTok in a matter of months. On the business side, he is the CEO of GreenSea Talent, which is a social media consulting firm which manages talent, and Cardplus, a company pioneering NFC business cards, the future of business interaction technology. His relationship with Jesus is the most important thing in his life, and he gives God the credit for all of his accomplishments.

Christian’s massive platform has been crucial in growing his businesses exponentially. He told us, that “influencer marketing is undoubtedly the future of getting your brand in front of faces.” Battin’s social media consulting firm now has clear proof of concept. If Christian can gain a million followers in just a few months, so can you, and that’s exactly why he started GreenSea Talent.

Battin did just that in helping his girlfriend, Peyton Walker, reach nearly a million followers rapidly. Christian’s expertise in the social media world goes beyond influencers, as he also works side by side with companies who share a similar Christ-centered mission. 

He is a strong believer in the world changing to a social media centric universe where the only source of media will be through applications such as TikTok and YouTube. In Battin’s view, “I don’t think movies or tv shows will be produced, at least not on the same scale which they are currently. Eventually, TikTok and YouTube will be the two big players, taking over all content consumed.”

Do you agree with Christian? If you are interested in working with him or either of his companies, make sure to connect with him on Tik Tok and Instagram.

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