Christian Rapper Radikal Hughes Explains why Millenials are Seeking Faith Based Influencers Like Never Before

In our progressive society, when one thinks of “Christianity” or hears the term “christian influencer,” it can instantaneously invoke many passionate feelings or thoughts of awkwardness, disinterest, mistrust, uncomfort, or even anger. This is due to many years of intolerance and judgement that the Christian Community has unfortunately projected towards many Americans within marginalized pockets of society whose belief systems may differ or not align with their own.

However, as the demand for faith-based content continues to skyrocket to unprecedented proportions within the online space, faith-based influencers such as Radikal Hughes are seeking to challenge those stereotypes and are fully convinced that society needs and desires what they have to offer, like never before.  

Hughes commented by saying,

Never before have people felt more lost and confused, but yet had more access to information in human history than in this generation. That comes with a great blessing along with a great curse, because we are now living in a time where our culture is constantly being inundated with conflicting information along with the media trying to indoctrinate the masses with whatever their current agenda is. I believe what millenials desperately seek out in today’s influencers are not only those who are transparent but those that are also authentic, because it’s becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate what is real from what is fake. I also think that people inherently believe that their life has meaning and purpose and are truly seeking that out unlike never before.

Radikal Hughes, also known as Dan Hughes, is the perfect example of a multi-faceted Christian Influencer in today’s world, that has consistently found unique ways to build his brand and build his influence. Radikal Hughes built his brand by starting off his in the Christian Music Industry back in 2009 as a Christian Rapper where he collaborated and made songs with some of Christian Music’s most renowned artists such as the two-time Grammy award-winning hip-hop duo GRITS, Grammy-nominated artist Da’ T.R.U.T.H., and other notable artists such as Christon Gray, Dee-1, Seckond Chaynce, Bizzle, Sevin, and Datin. With the rapper’s music having had millions of streams across digital platforms and with two impactful albums under his belt, music is just one of the many ways that this influencer and musician impacts lives, maintains influence, and generates revenue.  

Leveraging his influence as a renowned recording artist and as a charismatic entertainer, Radikal Hughes has somehow managed to build a massive international online community that is spreading like wildfire across social media. This global community goes by the name of Radikal Nation and is a global, multicultural, faith-based movement deeply rooted in the Christian perspective; however, its unique delivery and message of faith, hope, and love have appealed and resonated with a universal audience. Although Radikal Hughes stands firm in his Christian Faith, Hughes does subscribe to an inclusionary approach by not discriminating against any gender, ethnicity, race, or creed. 

When asked if Hughes feels that his Christian faith could be to narrow minded or intolerant of specific groups of people in today’s progressive culture that have become increasingly more atheistic or science-driven, Hughes replied, “It’s not a question to me if, whether you have faith or not, in my worldview I believe that everyone has faith, but the question is in what?” Hughes went on to say, “I don’t think people truly have a problem with Jesus Christ, I think they have a problem with the judgemental, narrow-minded, narcissistic, arrogant behavior that unfortunately Christianity in the western world has given many. When it comes down to it, Jesus to me exemplifies humanity at its finest and his example of how to truly live as a human. Whether you believe in Him as deity or not, his life should influence your life in profound ways.”

Hughes further expounds,

We as humans are all made in the image of a benevolent God, making every one of us important and deserving of unconditional love. We are all in this unique human experience together, trying to figure out who we are, what we are, and what we are here for. I believe that every person is in their own unique process with God. Through living life intentionally within a community of healthy relationships, true self-awareness, along with a true encounter with God, are guaranteed to occur. Through self-discovery and a true relationship with the Divine, is when we as humanity can be at our best, and truly start to heal from past wounds and live true authentic and holistic lives.

People gravitate to Radikal Hughes for a variety of reasons. Some resonate with Hughes because they enjoy his inspiring music, which allows them to feel a better connection with God. While others are drawn to his charismatic personality and authenticity and find his unique ability to have transparent conversations very refreshing. Whatever the reason, Hughes embraces whatever allows him to impact others to spread his message of faith, hope and love. 

When the influencer was asked what advice he would give to a new or upcoming influencer, Hughes stated, “Never be afraid to be your authentic and true self. You can’t be afraid to step out on faith and take calculated risks, I don’t know anyone who has ever changed this world by playing it safe.”

Through a spirit of love, Radikal Hughes has been able to engage others in a global conversation tackling some of the most pressing and controversial issues facing our world today. With a heart full of empathy, Hughes is fully focused on following in the footsteps of Jesus and considers his path both a spiritual calling and a spiritual mandate that has required him to live a life of faith, love, and sacrifice.

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