Christopher Paruch: From Business Operator to IPADS for Soldiers and State Park Volunteer

Christopher Paruch has had a prosperous career wearing many hats. Paruch has experience in finance, real estate, genetic testing, and business operations.

Paruch spent his childhood in Bayside, Queens, where he attended Chaminade High School in Mineola. While in high school, he was involved in the national honors society. He is currently in Key Biscayne, Florida, a southern island close to Miami.

He graduated on the Deans list from Columbia University with a degree in Sociology and Business Management. After graduating, Paruch started a healthcare company and grew it from the ground up.

Outside of his professional success, Christopher Paruch explores generosity through volunteering at Bill Baggs State Park on Key Biscayne and works for IPADS for Soldiers.

Professional Success

Paruch has found success by involving himself in many different fields. He has an understanding of marketing to generate revenue. Paruch understands trends within social and economic groups and how to target those audiences.

With his degree in Sociology and Business Management, Christopher Paruch is skilled as a business operator and real estate agent. He applies his understanding of people to gain clients that walk away pleased. He is excited to take risks if it means potential revenue success for his business and his clients.


Paruch played college football while studying at Columbia University. He also played baseball and football for the Flyers. He is currently involved in Ironman Competitions.

College Football at Columbia University

Christopher Paruch was an avid football player for the University of Columbia. At times he would lead games through multiple tackles. He is also involved in softball and paddle-boarding.

Ironman Competitions

Ironman Competitions, also known as the Ironman Triathlon, is an annual international triathlon. Paruch spends his downtime training for this competition. He pushes himself to the physical limit to challenge himself mentally and physically.

He is avidly motivated toward his physical goals, which drives him to succeed in the workplace and within his personal goals.


Christopher Paruch gives back to his community in a multitude of ways. Along with his volunteer work at the Bill Baggs State Park, he donates to Ric Bradshaw, the Palm Beach County Sherriff.

He is also part of the Columbia Alumni Association, giving back to the university that gave him his start. He previously volunteered at the NYU Medical Center.

Volunteering for Bill Baggs State Park

Bill Baggs State Park resides on one of the Florida Keys. It is home to beaches along the Atlantic ocean, where visitors go to relax, swim, snorkel, and even canoe through wildlife and mangroves. The park received its name from Bill Baggs, someone who worked to preserve the land so it would remain untouched.

Paruch’s passion for the outdoors allows him to create space for others to enjoy it. Paruch spends his downtime volunteering at this park to keep the land clean and accessible for wildlife and tourists.

IPADS For Soldiers

IPADS for soldiers provide accessible technology to soldiers in need. The iPad is ideal for soldiers overseas because they cannot carry heavy items like books or computers. The lightweight tablets give them access to their family and news that they would not have otherwise.

The iPad allows soldiers to recover from brain injuries and lets soldiers with hand or arm injuries easily navigate the tablet. Apple has apps to aid soldiers with PTSD, which they can download. Soldiers with PTSD can benefit from the iPad from apps that guide them to a more positive headspace.

Christopher Paruch keeps soldiers connected to their family and friends by being a part of IPADS for Soldiers. The organization is a volunteer operation, so each donation goes directly to giving to soldiers in need.

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