Christopher Senekki Amplifies Self-Perception as a Preventive Measure for Men’s Mental Health

Many people develop serious mental health issues due to the way they perceive themselves. Poor self-perception fuels anxiety and subsequently depression and isolation. Self-perception can be improved by an increase in confidence, emotional intelligence and by disrupting the mind by focusing on a passion. Creating that link between self-perception and men’s mental health prevention is what Christopher Senekki has done so impressively. He took a unique approach to self-perception, and it is paying off. He wanted to use etiquette as a way to focus on mental health.

Too Many People Suffer from Mental Health Issues

There are a tremendous number of people who suffer from mental health issues daily. Some of the most common mental health disorders include depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Senekki, encourages everyone to get help and reach out when they need it. At the same time, he also understands that it is essential for everyone to take a comprehensive approach to their mental health. This includes meeting with medical professionals or therapists and getting to the root of why they might have mental issues. Senekki understands that many men have mental health issues due to how they see themselves. He believes that if people can see themselves in a positive light, their emotional well-being is going to improve. That is exactly what has happened.

A Fascination for Gentleman’s Etiquette

Looking back at the 1980s and 1990s the Gentleman’s etiquette was particularly disdain. He thinks that the trend and idea had faded, making way for a hostile pop culture. For Senekki, a lot of this changed in 2006. At this time, Tom Ford launched his fashion label. He was with Gucci for a while, acting as their chief designer. Then, he found classical men’s fashion styles in the form of a contemporary collection, using a more dynamic and modern look. Tom Ford took off, and with him, a renewed version of the Gentleman which many aspire to today.

Drawing Inspiration from his Struggles

One of the essential parts of Senekki’s involvement with men’s mental health is because he was able to learn from his struggles. He has always been fascinated with the gentleman’s etiquette and style. At the same time, he did not genuinely appreciate it’s importance until he encountered his issues. He suffered from a low self-esteem, depression and social anxiety. He found that millions of men out there were struggling with the same problems. This humbled him significantly and renewed his interest in his passion. He wants to use it techniques to bring acceptance, unity, and happiness and knows that others can follow the same path. He recognizes that he is in a unique position and consistently encourages his followers to seek help. Nobody has to bottle up all of these issues inside. Senekki did not do so, and look where he is now.

Coronavirus outbreak and mental health awareness concept.

The Future of Christopher Senekki

Senekki is just getting started as a voice in men’s mental health awareness and prevention. Thanks to the dissipating stigma surrounding mental health issues, he knows that there are numerous opportunities available to him. He wants to use his platform to advocate for those in need, whilst breaking down the false dogmas and stereotypes of alpha males, which inadvertently guide men to pursue a fictitious version of themselves, precipitating to mental pressure. He has partnered and is a member of men’s mental health organizations in the UK and it will be exciting to see where Senekki goes from here. His concepts for prevention before crisis have an unlimited amount of potential and he plans to publish more of his work in the future to reach a wider audience.

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