Cirok Starr is the Hottest Jeweler in Ohio for Custom Diamond Grillz

On a sunny afternoon at the office of Hustle House(, customers walk the showroom and peer at the custom murals painted all over the walls of the building with amazement. The room instantly gives you a warm vibe. Then suddenly a recognizable figure walks in and you can feel his superstar presence. Cirok Starr greets me with a smile and walks me into his office. After being asked to take a shot of cognac , Cirok takes a seat at his chair and begins to discuss the options for his custom Grillz.

Cirok Starr, the talented, tatted up Asian from the Southeast is literally a star rising from the Midwest. Well known for his hit “Another Bottle featuring One Hunned & Starz. This Hip-hop Artist represents the Southeast Asian community like no other with his cool party vibes.

Cirok’s path to this profitable niche started humbly. While knowing nothing about jewelry, Cirok says his partner Johnny Moon from ATL helped him evolve into the jeweler that he is today. Cirok instantly began connecting with local hip hop artist in Ohio that needed custom jewelry. With only word of mouth and no main stream advertising, Cirok instantly became a hometown hero for Ohio custom grillz.

While Cirok makes many kinds of jewelry, he’s best known around town for fashioning grills, the retainer-like tooth coverings that are usually made of gold or silver and inlaid with precious stones. The accessories, which first started appearing in rappers’ mouths in the eighties, are a ubiquitous presence in hip-hop culture. Cirok has a reputation for making high-quality pieces, many of them for hip-hop artist and professional ball players.

Spotting an opportunity to grow his business even further, Cirok travels the country to go custom Grillz for his clients. “I can do grillz from anywhere from $1000 up to $10,000 just depending on what the customer asks for.” When I asked Cirok how many hours he worked a week, he responded “ this isn’t a 9-5 job, I work 7 days a week on call, I start my day when my eyes open and my work day ends when my eyes close.”

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