ClickStream Advances the Language Learning and NFT Markets with HeyPalTM and Nifter

Record labels often bet big on their artists with average deals ranging from $500,000 to $2 million for new talent. Meanwhile, artists can feel like they are on the hook for creative expression. Unfortunately, that arrangement may feel less passionate and more like golden handcuffs. NFTs and ClickStream Corporation might be changing that.

ClickStream, with its massive bet on NFTs, could shake up the music industry. The company’s subsidiary Rebel Blockchain brings Nifter, the NFT music app, to artists ready for a new career dimension.

Meanwhile, ClickStream’s HeyPalTM language learning app is also a prominent feature for the company. The application is tapping into the more than 1.2 billion people globally who are learning a second language. Announcements around premium membership and new features appear to be intriguing the market.

The company is connecting learners and also opening the doors for unique NFTs.

Developments in recent news for the company include:

  • A tremendous eight months since the launch for HeyPalTM
  • Minting agreements with big-name artists for Nifter
  • User growth on HeyPalTM exceeding 230,000 for the first time
  • 535,000 downloads on iOS for HeyPalTM
  • Official launch set for March 16th for Nifter

Let’s look at how a direct fan-to-artist bridge is possible and where ClickStream may take language learning next.

NFTs and Artistry

Artists pour their blood, sweat, and tears into their craft. Moreover, being on the hook for honest expressions and intellectual property may leave them feeling bound. There are many ways that an artist makes money in the music industry, and they reach beyond singing a hit song.

We are now in an era where connecting to more of the fan base is a reality, thanks to social media. So the next evolution may already be here. Album art is just one way NFTs become part of the music landscape.

There is a conversation around the record label ecosystem as it exists, and artists love the idea of being paid directly for their work. The economics of it sound robust, but there are more than singers and songwriters on the path to a hit record.

Handling the catalog of work as a producer is an integral piece of the process. NFTs over the blockchain allow for verified and trusted transactions. Building a direct relationship may bring power back to the artists, which seems to be the hope of the talent base.

A&R professionals and record label execs still want to be in on the action and may not be the quickest to adopt this new process. So, there is a learning curve for showing how valuable the tools can be. Nevertheless, writers, producers, performers can still potentially earn a living in this era.

ClickStream and Nifter make that more profound connection with artists and their fan base. The possibility of bringing fans along for the ride may grow as the artist breaks through milestones. We may see a future where exclusive access to artist chats, signed memorabilia, and event-driven digital collectibles are part of the experience.

Artists want the inspiration that drives their work into intelligent economics, and fans will be along for the ride the whole way.

Those smart economics include:

  • Being a songwriter or creator 
  • Producing music and taking the act on tour
  • Performing the songs provided by the record labels
  • Minting NFTs for the fans and sharing original art

The speed and scalability of the Nifter platform may determine how users interact with the art. The purchase, sale, and trading of collectibles could truly take off as verified and verifiable sources of authorized digital merchandise are being established.

Blockchain tech may be the next frontier for lovers of music. Transferrable, unique, and non-fungible items may be a cornerstone of the metaverse, and music NFTs might be producing the soundtrack.

NFTs and Intellectual Properties

Artists could find that streaming has a wholly different configuration than music NFTs. Independent artists won’t always have a record label to say “no” to their idea of handling their art.

Of course, there is a possibility of becoming true business partners with their company for those who stay with a record label. But, as artists take hold of the intellectual property of their expression, monetization changes.

Smart contracts might be helpful to settle with parties involved in music creation and distribution. Handling fractional shares or paying out royalties could take on a new dimension in the age of music NFTs. The contracts for the industry might become genuine investment vehicles.

Nifter is in a position for a deep-rooted community, and the Ethos component of their platform is proof of that. Creator platforms need to bring rising recording artists and fans together and to let the people know that they are a part of something more significant in this creative space. 

A sales volume for NFTs totaling $24.9 billion in 2021 shows that the market continues to build on the interest in the sector.

Leadership and HeyPalTM

Jonathan Maxim, the CEO of ClickStream subsidiary Nebula Software Corp.,has done the work as a marketing strategist to take platforms to the next level. He was an asset and did great numbers with an 80% click-through rate for one marketing campaign.

The HeyPalTM android version of the app saw downloads north of 474,000 in November 2021, and those numbers continue to climb. In addition, premium memberships are taking the meaningful connections around learning to another level. 

The app features unlimited chats and translations, and even a PenPal feature might feel intuitive to users who know the social media landscape. Mr. Maxim knows how to tap into where the attention is, and matching users, in their target language, to others seems to be paying off.

Suggestive messaging features are kick-starting conversations for users at the push of a button. The new features might even create a unique experience with the app that connects people from all over the world.

ClickStream Is Driving Meaningful Connection

Actively engaging users on the platforms allows for the building of a social profile and presence that represents the experience users want to have. ClickStream aims to keep this interactive experience a core part of the app’s DNA. 

Uploading fun and exciting videos, chat features, and social posts allows people to communicate with native speakers in real-time or post on boards specific to different languages. HeyPalTM has seen a breakout moment in language learning apps.

ClickStream shows shareholders and prospective investors that revenue growth potential follows an investment in people. Connecting people to the experiences they enjoy to help them make the memories they cherish is intelligent business. It’s how unforgettable branding is done, and ClickStream may be shaping up to be a company that no one can ignore.

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