Clinton Bullock Helps Thousands Reach Their Goals

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Dr. Clinton Bullock invests significantly to elevate societies so that more people have greater opportunities to fulfill their greatest potential.

For decades, Dr. Bullock’s work as a professor, counsellor and administrator has supported countless individuals and organisations in achieving their goals. Dr. Bullock founded Clinton Bullock Worldwide in 2020 after the company expanded quickly and partnered with other international organizations.

Dr. Bullock started assisting individuals in maximizing their potential from a young age. Prior to college, he volunteered his time at battered women’s shelters and served as a student ambassador to Venezuela. While an undergraduate student, Dr. Bullock counselled high school students who were academically at-risk and also participated in two volunteer tours to Chile.

His story highlights his drive for betterment and education. After graduating from college with a degree in Spanish, Dr. Bullock taught English for a few years in Japan. When he returned to the United States, he attended graduate school where he obtained an MA in International Policy Studies, with a focus on mediation and conflict resolution.

Dr. Bullock’s love for learning and teaching, his curiosity for other cultures, and his desire to help others culminated in a professorship with the U.S. Department of Defense. There he taught Spanish and English and later served as a university administrator.

In 2019, Dr. Bullock earned his doctorate from University of Southern California and was named Fulbright Specialist by the US Department of State.

Dr. Bullock’s appearances on major news outlets, such NBC, CBS and FOX, has helped promote the expansion of Clinton Bullock Worldwide that now spans from Europe to Latin America to Asia.

The average client works with Clinton Bullock Worldwide for three months, due to the organization’s focus on efficiency, powerful decision-making, and making sure they keep moving forward. Dr. Bullock has dedicated his life to helping people overcome personal and professional obstacles, achieve their goals, and live the lives they desire to lead.

Through a strategic and personalised game plan, Dr. Bullock assists people in taking the necessary steps to overcome negative and hindering thoughts and emotions. The key is simple: hold in high regard this essential element––DISCIPLINE. Dr. Bullock explains that discipline involves doing what’s good for you, despite how you feel.

Dr. Bullock speaks of how it took him years to acquire his doctorate, most notably in a single semester when he took some time off. He also attests that he gained his black belt in jiu-jitsu after years of hard work and discipline while continuing as an educator and linguist.

Trained in linguistics, Dr. Bullock studied languages for years and persevered, which allowed him to speak Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. He maintained this distinction through discipline.

Dr. Clinton Bullock is committed to a life of service as well as passionate about helping people with anxiety, depression, and limiting beliefs. He also supports organizations that want to increase performance by leveraging high-impact leadership practices and creating a sustainable business model. 

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