Close More Sales With These 3 Secrets To Selling Certainty In An Uncertain World

As the pandemic continues, levels of uncertainty grow.

Even before 2020, selling a certain result or outcome to your prospects was challenging.

But in a post-pandemic world, sales pros and business owners experienced new challenges.

  • They had trouble booking solid appointments.
  • Prospects have more money issues and are flakier than ever.
  • And they experienced new objections they’d never heard before.

In many ways, it’s as if they were learning the art of sales all over again.

No business went unaffected.

Businesses able to adapt their sales methods managed to steady their monthly revenue, some even experienced revenue increases.

Unfortunately, large portions of businesses couldn’t adapt fast enough and met their demise.

Even whole industries began to crumble. 

Canadian serial entrepreneur, Dan Lok, best known as the ‘King of Closing™’ used his effective sales methods to not just survive but thrive during one of the toughest economic times in recent history.

We sat down with Dan, where he taught us some of his sales secrets, secrets you can use in your own business.

The Less You Talk The More You Sell

Do you want to sell more? Then, talk less. 

The old way of selling is DEAD.

Gone are the days of talking at your prospect till you’re blue in the face.

Gone are the days of pushing the features and benefits of your product, and pressuring or guilting them into buying.

These days, prospects are smarter and more skeptical, they want to feel understood, and they’re not looking for a salesperson.

Salespeople talk too fast, get overly excited, justify their value, use traditional sales tricks, and chase the prospects like they’re going out of fashion.

So, if they’re not looking for a salesperson, what are they looking for?

They’re looking for a closer.

Closers Ask The Right Questions At The Right Time With The Right Tonality, With Finesse.

You don’t close with your mouth, you close with your ears.

Your job is to listen and ask the right questions.

You’re asking questions for three specific reasons:

  • For discovery: You need information ASAP.
  • Control: The person asking the questions always controls the conversation.
  • Motivation: You must know their motivations for wanting to fix their problem.

Listen to the prospect and identify their problems.

What are the roadblocks, and obstacles getting in the way of them achieving their goals?

If you have the solution to their problem, great!  It will be a natural fit.

If you don’t, don’t try to ram your product down their throat, just so you can make a sale. 

Everyone loves to buy, but they hate being sold.

Do this wrong and they’ll end up refunding, and a sale isn’t a sale until it sticks.

If There Is No Pain There Is No Sale

It’s not enough just knowing their goals, you must know the deep pains they’re experiencing.

There are 3 levels of pain

Level 1: Surface level pain (they’ve identified their problem)

Level 2: Financial or Business Pain

Level 3: Personal pain

You can’t be afraid to go deep into their personal pain.

Once you get to that personal pain, and you’re uniquely qualified to make that pain go away, closing the sale is easy.

Where To From Here?

Since the pandemic began, Dan and his team have completely revamped their sales process.

They discovered new ways of filling their pipeline with high-quality leads. 

They pioneered new ways to handle the most common post-pandemic objections.

This process helped them close those leads into their high-level business mentoring programs where the investment is in excess of $35,000 USD per year.

They taught these methods to their clients who saw a huge turnaround in their businesses as a result.

And now, Dan is teaching these secrets to a select group of sales professionals and entrepreneurs in the More Sales Challenge.

Kicking off on October 1st, this challenge was designed with you in mind to help you achieve ONE GOAL.

The goal of making more sales in your business.

Inside this challenge, you’ll get an insider’s look at sales methods actually working in today’s economy.

Sales methods that are responsible for over $35 billion in sales and counting.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs and sales pros have already been through the challenge and transformed their businesses.

Seats are strictly limited and will sell out fast, so click the button below to register for the More Sales Challenge while you still can.


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