Coach Clince Is Inspiring the World With ‘Your Daily Dose of Happiness

TV Presenter turned Berkeley Institute of Well Being, California Certified Happiness Coach Clince Varghese, also famously known as VJ Clince from MTV Trackstar 2 & 3 has been creating a tremendous Impact with his digital Intellectual Property – Your Daily Dose of Happiness on an Indian content sharing platform.

His Vision is to make this world a happier place and aims to achieve his dream by the 3E model – Educate, Entertain, Empower. Aligned with this Vision, he has been creating an awareness by curating daily motivational videos and helping people overcome everyday strugglesof life. He has been sharing life coaching tips on topics like growth mindset, anxiety care, relationship goals etc. and has been inspiring people to take action to become a better version of themselves.

Since the 1st of Jan 2021, he has released over 125 videos and have been followed by over 88k people on the Indian content sharing platform – Trell. When we asked him what is the secret to his consistency of producing these inspiring content, he says that his commitment to helping people live a happy and motivated life is what keeps him going. We were eager to know more from him and we got the opportunity to discuss his future plans. The following excerpts are from the telephonic conversation with Coach Clince.

1) Congrats on the success of Your Daily Dose of Happiness. Did you

think you would be able to create such an Impact with your

knowledge & skillsets?

Thanks for sharing the excitement and appreciate your efforts in bringing a wide smile on my face. My Granny used to tell me adding value in peoples lives is the highest form of empowerment. That has become the purpose of my life and I truly believe that this is just the beginning to a global happiness movement.

2) What’s the real secret to happiness?

I love this one. This is the most frequently asked question to me. Actually, staying happy is not that complicated if you practice it everyday. We equate happiness with achievements and experiencing pleasures in life.

We are heavily driven by extrinsic factors of motivation. If we work on keeping ourselves self motivated, we can be in a happy state of mind and as we master this trait we will be least affected by the outside world.

3) In this age of Infotainment, how are you any different than the millions of content creators?

Wow. That’s an impressive question. Technology has enabled equal opportunities to everyone. Your caste, creed, skin colour are no more barrier’s to accessing and sharing information. I am on a mission to help people live a happy and motivated life.

I believe when a person’s life is driven by purpose, the journey of reaching the destination or achieving life’s goals becomes more joyful. My competition is not with other content creators, but with who I was yesterday.

4) Its refreshing to hear your take on life. You simplify many a complicated topics, how do you do that?

Clarity in thoughts is one of most significant aspect of emotional wellbeing in our lives. Our generation has mastered the art of distraction. We must start working on uncluttering our minds and organizing ourselves in our daily life. This Is the starting point to creating clarity in life.

5) Can you give us 3 tips to stay Positive in life?

• Practice Gratitude

• Recognizing your strengths & weakness

• A Culture of Empathy

6) What’s your next plan of action?

I am working on building the infrastructure to grow acommunity of impactful digital Indian leaders who can enable better socio economic opportunities for the society with their knowledge and skill sets. India is on a journey to becoming a Global Superpower in the coming decades.

We have the highest number of the Youth population in the world. If we can inspire the Indian Youth and help them to create a strong and stable platform for themselves (physical, emotional and mental), we will see the future India influencing the world to become a happy and sustainable place to live in.

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