Coach Max is Inspiring and Empowering Hundreds to Achieve Success

The last decade has been shaping up to be a period for women’s leadership and success. However, this is not to take away the fact that there have been influential women leaders such as the royal Queen of England.

The significant change has been the emergence of more women taking up leadership roles. More and more women are also leaning towards upward mobility in workplaces and in society in general. Women’s success stories are also springing up from different corners, a sign of increased women empowerment.

One of the significant reasons for increased women’s empowerment has been through mentorship programs. These programs have been essential in helping women tap into their inner potentials and help them realize their goals. Women mentors such as Coach Max are working tirelessly to inspire and empower hundreds to achieve success.

Coach Max is a young, fearless 29-year-old powerhouse entrepreneur. She is a retired, divorced mom of a 4-year-old daughter, Lyric, who got her name from her mother’s passion for music. She first started in the network marketing and direct sales industry in 2015.

Coach Max has built team after team in the multi-level marketing industry, teaching many people how to earn additional income for the first time in their lives and do it online. She is a documented and successful forex trader and mentor, best known for teaching people the skills of trading forex. She has made an imprint on the industry over the years and has inspired many women to follow her example.

After much success in the industry, Coach Max realized that it was time to serve a whole different audience of entrepreneurs. Coach Max currently has over 100,000 students and clients who she coaches on trading, business strategy planning, business branding, attraction marketing, monetizing social media organically (no paid advertisements), personal development, financial literacy, and realistic exit strategies for everyday hardworking people.

The documented six-figure forex trader draws a lot of inspiration from her students. Coach Max finds fulfillment in seeing her students win and become successful by implementing the strategies and techniques she has taught them. To her, this is one of the primary inspirations that ignite her reasons to continue her mentorship programs.

Coach Max is a firm believer in finding your purpose and life goal as a step towards your success. She teaches people how to have strength, develop their minds to receive more in life, and learn skill sets that can break generational obstacles imposed by their families and culture.

More significantly, Coach Max operates on her favorite quote, “failure is not an option”. She has been using the quote since high school as it speaks to her resilience, perseverance, and posture, not only as a young African-American woman but being young as well and wanting to accomplish so many unheard-of goals in her very own community. The ambitious mentor has plans to expand her territory by traveling and teaching people all over the world her strategies to find success.

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