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Cody Cruz: Building a Multimedia Empire Through Experience and Satisfaction

Here’s how to build a successful business with trust as its foundation.

Every grass-root business venture has the possibility to be something great. Without the proper guidance, though, most fade away from the promising future that lies ahead. For Cody Cruz, he has served as that guiding hand for aspiring businesses and individual talents. Cruz has worked in content creation, marketing, talent management, and many other fields in order to help others build their start-up ideas into their dream jobs.

Since high school, Cruz has possessed a natural ability in social media and the strategy it takes to successfully market a product, business, or persona through the outlets that social media offers. With this ability in his back pocket, Cruz began looking for ways to build a career out of his knowledge. Through years spent with his mentor, Scott Cruz, CEO of Gigg Inc., Cruz was able to work his way into the role he has now, head of his own multimedia marketing company.

“We are profit-driven like most social media companies, but customer satisfaction takes the lion’s share of our scope,” says Cruz. After initial struggles with his personal ventures, Cruz decided he needed to focus on an aspect of his work that would both earn him the trust of potential clients and separate him from his competitors. “It is the notion of many marketers not to pay heed to the emanating hitches and only focus on what they have to gain but not what they have to lose.” Cruz continued, “Solely for this reason, we have made it our business to prioritize the needs of our customers at the expense of our personal gain.” 

After learning what would make his own business successful, and what it would take to maintain his potential clients’ trust, Cody Cruz began molding his company into the multimedia powerhouse it is today. Through his marketing abilities, Cruz helps star-up companies with content creation, social media marketing, and other general marketing needs. Along with these offerings, the company also handles talent management for various levels of celebrities and athletes. “All of our business endeavors are channeled towards maintaining the value for money that our customers pay for our services. Despite the uncountable players in the business, we remain committed to meeting your marketing needs,” states Cruz.

In the coming years, Cruz is hoping to expand his clientele and help as many people reach their professional dreams as he can. Building the longest list of satisfied clients he can is Cruz’s most important goal right now. With the combination of his skills, personal knowledge, and what he has learned from years in the business already, Cody Cruz is poised to have a successful coming year and more to come after that. To keep up with Cody Cruz, check out his Instagram and website

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