Color, Cut, and Creation: Brenda Solo’s Story

Brenda Solo is a hairstylist who specializes in color corrections based in Fresno, California. The pandemic did not stop her from being her own boss and opening her own studio. Taking advantage of the world going virtual, she took a lot of online classes in which she learned more techniques and designed her website and logo.

“It’s funny how you end up in a place you do not even know how you got there but it was perfect,” Brenda Solo shares as she talks about what led her to her passion for hair. Solo remembers cutting her friends’ hair and her own, thinking she was so good at it and saying “this is something I could be good at if I just do it.” Solo knew this career would bring her flexibility with her schedule while doing what she loves. When she was in beauty school, she loved the hands-on experience in all her classes but was especially intrigued in specializing in color correction.

Brenda Solo takes creative initiatives to maintain the relationship with her clients. For her clients that need touch-ups, Solo put together color kits in which she included instructions to apply formulated dye she prepared specifically to their hair so that their hair does not have to quarantine with them. Along with these special kits, she also provided the availability of other hair products for clients to take care of their hair. Solo also started helping people by increasing her social media presence and creating videos for her audience. In her videos, she gives them tips and tricks so clients can practice her techniques in the comfort of their homes. She is devoted to her work and does everything she can to keep her clients happy and beautiful. 

When asked for advice for those seeking a career in hairstyling, she recommends others to follow all their favorite, popular hairstylists. She emphasized the importance of paying attention to how they showcase their work. “Be very attentive, to every detail. Lighting, angle, the way the hair is position, place, hairstyle.” Taking that extra time with clients that will transmit your magic through the camera. She has proven time and again that with hard work and passion you can do anything.

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